Discover your own interests and strengths as you learn about the power of nanoscience and technology. Investigate real-life problems in our society—like ensuring our water is clean or finding cures for crushing diseases—and learn how the nano world is developing tools to solve them. Want to get going? Watch this Intro to Nano video (also in Spanish) and listen to the NanoTechnology Rap.

Destination 1: Society and Nanoscience

Destination 2: Getting to the Nano World 

Guest Speaker from the Nano Community

Destination 3: Understanding the potential of nanomaterials and how they are made 
Guest Speaker from the Nano Community
Remote Access to a Lab Experience - Stanford Nano-Fab Lab: Mike Deal, - all sites April, 30th 4-6 pm

Destination 4: (Nano@work begins!) Exploring the nano-workforce

Meeting the Businesses- SATURDAY April 19th at Mapleton High School

Destination 5: Understanding how we can "see" nano-sized objects

How do you know it’s there if you can’t even see it? (in preparation for one or both of the following)
AFM Track:
Guest Speaker from the Nano Community