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How do you get to the cool experiences?


At least 90% of success in life involves showing up. And the other 10% is being present and prepared for what happens then. This time is dedicated to helping you do both.


Use this time to chart out where (and when) you need to be and what questions you'll ask when you get there. 


  • To make the most out of this you should triple check your summer schedule with your home life. You don't want to think you are able to come to a tour on a day when you have other things you are expected to do (like care for your sister or leave for vacation)


  • Get organized: 
    • Your teacher will share with you a list of what experiences you are going on. 
    • Record on your Time Log the exact experiences you will be participating in
      • NOTE: We have a calendar view of all the experiences with the details if that helps you.

NanoEx Field Test

      • Don't forget where, when, and who - you may want to write down contact information and what to wear (in case your summer attire isn't business / lab friendly)
      • What if you can't make it? It's your JOB to let your facilitator know with as much notice as possible. That way they can fill your slot if there are others that would like to join in the experience.
  • Now that you know where to go, figure out how to get there. Some options:
    • As a group with a bus or van? 
    • Using public transit? (that's RTD buses in Denver)
    • Driving there? (Print / setup a route to each destination)
  • Time to come up with some good questions
    • Use the Job Shadow Guide to prepare
    • How will you ask if pictures / selfies are ok? Remember, you need some fodder for your multimedia presentation later this summer!
    • Use the Question Prompts as a start and then brainstorm individually or collectively questions to ask the representatives of local businesses
      • Some samples to get you started: 
        • "What nanoparticles does your company study?" 
        • "What measuring and manufacturing tools do you use to conduct your work (e.g., AFMs)?" 
        • "What is the goal or problem your company is seeking to solve using nanotechnology?" 
        • "Is your product/process patented?" 
        • "How did you become interested in nanoscience?" 
        • "What steps did you need to take to get to where you are today?" 
        • "What advice would you have for me if I'd like to someday get a job like you have now?"


Everyone share the best question you came up with at least two other people - have your pencil / pen at the ready to gather the best of everyone's thinking.

Why this works

According to past participants, the summer experiences are the best part of the program - you need to experience them for yourself. 


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