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Sharing About Our Summer


Share your cool experiences with others in your program - and community!


You've had some great experiences over the summer. Now its time to turn those events into a story you can share with others. All good storytellers take a moment to thank those who inspired them - and then go on to tell a really good tale! Think of this as a key step along the way to your fabu[lous] NanoExpo.


Time  Topic  Description
 9:00  Welcome and Overview
  • Jessica
Get up, moving, and talking. Stand in a circle and toss a ball from one person to another. When you catch the ball - share the coolest part of your summer (nano or not) in 1 minute or less. 
 9:15  Share your summer experiences
  • Jessica
Goal: So you know what happened at each of the locations.
Prep: Write the names of each summer experience on a separate piece of chart paper (or separate blackboards).

Take a moment to "visit" each experience you had - talk with someone else who had the same experience - and add your story to the paper. 
Use the notes from your Job Shadow Guide and any pictures / video you were able to take to help spark memories.

Before break - gather as a group and recap all the experiences. 
 10:00     Break If you haven't done so - call or text to remind your family to come at 3 and see how you put the whole summer in perspective!
 10:15  Appreciation of Business Partners   
  • Angela
Time to say thank you - formally.
The Job Shadow Guide has a great template for you to follow when writing your thank you card. It will go faster if two of you take a single experience (yes, you can use the sheet from when you shared) and write a thank you note for everyone to sign.

Be sure you sign all of the cards for all of the places you visited!
 10:45 Laying the foundation for your awesome NanoExpo
  • Alisa
 Overview of end point (video)
 Goal:  Have 1-3 topics for your personal project firmly in hand
  1.  Brainstorm ideas for topics (~20 min)
    1. In table groups; share out ideas with a larger group - build a repository of ideas for everyone to pull from.)
  2. Pick 1-3 you'd like to pursue further. (~5 min)
    1. Be sure you can state how Nano fits into your topic.
Overview of Who I Am (~15 min)
  1. Brainstorm functions in business. What roles to businesses need? You'll probably arrive at a similar list to:
    1. Inventor
    2. Marketing
    3. Product Production
    4. Management/ CEO
    5. Investor
  2. Pick a role - what kind of role fits you the best?
Overview of How I'm getting it done (~15 min)
  1. How do you learn the best? How do you want to learn about your topic
    1. Research
    2. Interviews
    3. Remote Lab / Experiment
    4. Design and build something?
  2. Maybe it's best to sort the group now... all of you who want a remote lab experience should plan to do it together. 
  11:45 Post-Nano@Work Survey    
  • John
 With chocolate and lots of lavish praise as this is for NSF... 
 12:00 Lunch - outside! After lunch, why not toss a Frisbee?
 12:30 Creating an Infographic to show your career pathway
  • Sandra
 All this time with the businesses has likely sparked some thinking about your next steps.
 Goal: Create an Infographic to share your career pathway. 
  1. Brainstorm a career pathway on butcher paper at your table. 
  2. Share with the group
  3. Create your own with paper or one of the slick online tools.
    1. Use your pictures / videos to enhance your story for others to view this afternoon. Feel free to use (and ADD TO ;} ) the NanoEx Multimedia Library.
 1:45   Share with each other
  • Sandra
Take 5 minutes to share your story with 1-2 people and get feedback from your peers. Remember, the more you practice - the smoother this will be!
 2:00      Break     Take a short break to allow family members to join the group 
 Welcome and Share with your community
  • Jessica         
 Officially welcome family and community members into the room.
 Now it's time to shine! Share your story 2-3 times with members of your community / family / friends / you get the picture...
 Ask them for feedback and advice - they've been down the road before and while their journey may not be the same as yours, they have learned from it.
  • Jessica
See you at the first NanoSymposium session!
    [Remind everyone of that date and time!]

Why this works

Stories help us frame our experiences. This is a way for you to practice "telling your story" to an audience and considering how their . They won't expect this version to be polished.


  • Job Shadow Guide
  • Exciting pictures / videos you took this summer! (Share yours in the NanoEx Multimedia Library)
  • Chart paper or a chalkboard
  • Thank you cards for each business
  • Postage
  • Optional: Frizbees for after lunch!
  • And, of course, laptops with internet



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