Getting savvy with Nano Sources


There are all sorts of resources for NanoExers. Today you explore our Google site, learn a few tricks, start developing your own pages, and upload a selfie.

This is what a NanoExer looks like: You!
This Is What a Scientist Looks Like

My name is Jolvan Morris, ABD; I’m an Environmental Policy Scientist studying Gulf Coast shrimping policies. 
On the weekends I’m a Biker Chick and all year long I’m naturally New Orleans! This picture is from my family’s Mardi Gras bike ride. 

Access NanoEx sites

[5 minutes]

Everyone access the internet.

Recognize the link between the NanoExperiences info site and the NanoEx working site


Learn the basic layout of the Google site.

[5 minutes]

Tour the site with your teacher!

  • Note the site homepage, pointing out the various sections of the navigation bar.
  • Discuss privacy (this is a private site; only those who are part of the study have access).
  • Watch a sample search that is successful (“dime”).
    • Note that this function searches within documents, not just the titles. Try your own search.

Know how to navigate the sites.

Know that the NanoEx G+ site is private.

How to use the search function.


Find your school's site and your personal page

[5 minutes]

Identify your school's site and your page on the site

Know your school's site and your own home page


Explore edit options

[5 min demo]

Watch a mini-demo of some of the following edit tools, using your own site as an example.

  • Edit pencil
  • Undo, Redo
  • Font type, Font size
  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Text color, Highlight
  • Link (hyperlink)
  • Numbered list, Bulleted list
  • Indent, Decrease indent
  • Justify font
  • Clear formatting

Be introduced to the edits functions


Edit & save your “About” information.

[5 minutes]

Take a few minutes to edit (fill in) your “about” section. Ask for help as needed.

  • During debrief, see if anyone added their e-mail and had it automatically hyperlink (it will).

Practice editing and saving text on your page.


Class takes selfies

[15 min]

Using props, help your classmates take selfies This Is What A NanoExer Looks Like

  • (a la TIWAScientistLL)
  • Take a photo of yourself and embed in your “About” section

Practice embedding images.


Add a hyperlink to your favorite YouTube® video in the “About” section.

(OPTIONAL – if time allows)

[5 minutes]

This is how you add a hyperlink.

First, in a separate tab or window, find a favorite website, song, or video on YouTube.


  1. Copy URL
  2. Edit Google page, add text
  3. Link button
  4. Web address
  5. Paste address
  6. Click open in a new window

Know how to add a hyperlink to an outside site.


  • Computers for every participant
  • Props for taking webpage photos for
    • science stuff: lab coat, beakers, flame
    • other misc stuff: capes, head light, hats
    • Your imagination