Free Stuff!

Because everyone likes getting something for FREE! Simply click on the image to download.

Printable A4 2013 Calendar

Valentines heart garlands! :-)
Print onto card, cut out, attach thread with sticky tape and hang up for your loved one(s) to see! 

Bookmark for er... your books! :-)
Print onto card, cut out and then stick between your favourite book pages!

Printable 2012 Calendar

Christmas money wallets
Click to download full size version, print onto thin card, fold along straight lines and cut along the curve. Pop your notes in and voila! A Nanny way of giving money at Christmas time!

One for your tastebuds!

Biscuit wallpaper for your desktop :-)
1600 x 1200 

1920 x 1080

One for your tastebuds as well as your eyes!