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Class 4 MEO Exam in India

The details given below is to the best of my knowledge and from my own personal experience only when i gave my Class 4 MEO exams in Mumbai,India during the year 2006-07.

What is it??

Class 4 Marine Engineering Officers exam is a Competency exam for seafarers conducted by the Director General of Shipping through its local bodies MMD (Merchantile Marine Department) for attaining the Certificate of Competency (COC) as Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch for the rank of 4th Engineer to sail onboard ships.

What it requires??

Minimum requirements for certification of officer in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engine room or designated duty engineer in a periodically unmanned engine room ( Marine Engineer Officer Class IV)
1. Every officer in charge of an engineer watch serving on a sea- going ship powered by main propulsion machinery of 750 KW propulsion power or more shall hold an appropriate certificate of contemporary in form 8.
2. Every candidate for the certification shall -
(i) be not less than 18 years of age on the last date prescribed for receipt of application;
(ii) have completed approved education and training for a period of at least thirty months as provided in an approved training and assessment programme including on-board training documented in an approved training record book and meet the standards of competence as specified in section A-III/1 of the STCW Code;
(iii) have completed approved sea-going service for a period of not less than six months in the Engine Department of a sea -going ship powered by main propulsion machinery of 750KW propulsion power or more, closely supervised and monitored by a marine Engineer Officer Class I or an officer of the Engine Department holding certificate of competency under rule 5 and which is duly documented in an approved training examination, assessments and meets the standard of competence as specified in section A-III/1 of the STCW Code.
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What do you do onboard ??

Make yourself familiar with all the machineries onboard your ship.Note their details as it will be helpfull for your Class 4 MEO orals.If possible take xerox of your ship's manuals like that of Main Engine,purifier etc.Fill up your TAR book as per the instructions given in it and as mensioned below.There are chances that not everyone of us might have the same practical exposure onboard.In that case make yourself aware of the theoretical part of the machineries.

How to fill the TAR (Training & Assesment Record) Book ??
  • All the tasks should be completed and signed by the officer incharge onboard.
  • Tasks which are not applicable for your ship should be signed and commented by the officer incharge after testing for theoretical knowledge.
  • Officers weekly/monthly tables should be filled up with signature and ship's stamp at the appropriate places.
  • Ship's stamp and Companies stamp should be put whereever its required.
  • The project works given at the back should be completed.
What in Sea Service Certificates ??

Dont forget to get the sea service certificates from your chief engineers during their period of stay with you onboard.These sea service certificates are the proof for your sailing period.For a period of 6 months sailing which is required for appearing for Class 4 MEO exams in India there should be a minimum of 120 propulsion days which should be mensioned in the sea service certificates and your rank as ASSISTANT ENGINEER and not as Engine Cadet.

What in CDC ??

Make sure your CDC is being updated with your sign-on sign-off dates with ships seal and Master's signature.This is normally done by the Master during your Sign-Off time.

What are all the Courses to be done for Class 4 MEO ??
  • 3 Months Preparatory for Class 4 MEO Exam
    Advanced Modular Courses like:
  • Medical First Aid (MFA)
  • Adanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats (PSCRB)
  • Engine Room Simulator Course (ERS)
Where you can do your Class 4 Preparatory courses ??
  • Hinsustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT), Chennai
  • MAASA - Interface Maritime Academy, Chennai
  • Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology
  • Maritime Foundation, Chennai
  • National Maritime Academy, Chennai
  • Coimbature Marine College, Coimbature
  • Institute of Marine Engineers(India), Mumbai
  • Maritime Training Institute, Mumbai
  • T.S. Rahaman Academy, Mumbai
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri College (LBS), Mumbai
  • MASSA Maritime Academy, Navi Mumbai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
  • National Ship Design & Research Centre,Vishakapatnam
  • National Ship Design & Research Centre,Vishakapatnam
  • FOSMA, Delhi
  • Applied Research International, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Port Management, Kolkata
  • Marine Educational Charitable Trust, Kolkatta
  • Mercantile Marine Academy, Kolkatta
  • Institute of Marine Engineers, Kolkatta
  • Euro Tech Maritime Academy, Kochi
  • IMER, Patne
What are the Subjects for the exam ??

Day 1
Engineering Knowledge General (EKG) - 100 Marks - 3 Hours (Morning Paper)
Engineering Knowledge Motor (EKM) - 100 Marks - 3 Hours (Afternoon Paper)
Day 3
Marine Electrotechnology (MET) - 100 Marks - 3 Hours (Morning Paper)
Ship Construction and Stability - 100 Marks - 3 Hours (Afternoon Paper)
Day 4
Ship Safety and Environmental Protection - 2 Hours (Morning Paper)
Marine Engineering Practice (MEP) - 100 Marks - 3 Hours (Afternoon Paper)
Function 3 - Safety and Ship Construction
Function 4b - Engineering Knowledge General & Motor
Function 5 - Marine Electrotechnology
Function 6 - Marine Engineering Practice

Where all exams can be given in India ??
  • MMD, Mumbai
  • MMD, Chennai
  • MMD, Kolkatta
How to book for the exams ??

Booking dates for the immediate month ahead is available in the websites and

How to prepare ??

Solve the previous years question papers mainly and the rest is your extra effort.
Get the oral questions that will be circulating amoung the students at that time and prepare in a group wherein you can share each others knowledge.These orals questions are called 'Chocolates'.Plus study your ships manuals and other marine related books.Know your ship well.

When are the exams held ??

Exams are held throughout the year in MMD's except in the month of May.Written exams normally commences on the 3rd Monday of every month and lasts for 4 days with a holiday between the 1st day of exam and the 2nd day.Orals exam starts after your writtens and your oral date will be displayed in MMD notice board when are written exams are going on.

When are the results displayed ??

Written exam results are announced normally after 1 month from the date of exam (This differs from one MMD to another depending upon the number of candidates and other factors).The results are put on the notice boards in MMD and it is also made available online in the website
Orals exam results are told by the surveyor then and there i.e soon after you finish your orals.

How to rebook for the Subjects not cleared ??

For next attempt(s) the candidate has to rebook for the remaining subjects in person in the respective MMD.The rebooking dates are available in the websites and

Where to stay ??

If you are giving your exams in Mumbai you can stay at the Seamans club which is nearer to MMD, in CST Station, Mumbai.This is just for your information.If are making your own arrangements well and good.
Seaman's Club (Mumbai) Phone Numbers: 022-22612260, 022-22624960

How to collect your COC ??

One you have cleared your exams and have applied for your COC you will have to wait for you name to be desplayed in the COC Issuance list which is made available in the website your name is there in the list you will have to go MMD in person and collect your COC after some 3 working days.

The informations provided above are from my own personal experience.However there might have been changes done in the system after that.The soul purpose is to give an idea about the Class 4 MEO exams in India.Hope it has surved the purpose and was usefull.