Wellcome to Life At Sea.

Since time immemorial, ships at sea have beckoned the brave and adventurous. The attraction of riches in this profession has been subject of many a folklore. Even today, the situation remains more or less the same, except that today the ships are far more safer than they were in the times of Vasco-da-Gamma and Columbus. Today, there is hardly any career which can fetch such high salaries at such a young age that the Merchant Navy offers. Unfortunately, the knowledge on the subject of "What is Merchant Navy & How do i join it ?" still remains the privilege of very few people who already have relatives and friends in this industry. With this in background, in this section we wish to tell you all about career in Merchant Navy.  The ships today are highly sophisticated and technology intensive. Safety and efficiency of the ship are crucial and depends upon the professional ability, competence and dedication to duty, of a seafarer, on board ship. Naturally, a seafarer is expected to be highly professional for the safe and efficient operation of the ship. The training in India is of exceptionally high standards and the Indian seafarers are one of the most sought after commodity in the shipping industry worldwide.  Needless to say that an Indian seafarer demands and does gets highly paid.Wellcome to Life At Sea.

                                                                   Nandkishore Gitte