About My Technical Specialty

Instrumentation Engineer with expertise in; DAQ & Instrumentation Systems, Mechatronics & Automation Systems, Sensor Fusion, Geo-Spatial Data Analysis, Hyperspectral Data Analysis and Software Development.

About My Self

During my academic and industrial career, I developed expertise that cover a wide spectrum of science and technologies, making me capable to design, develop, fabricate/prototype and test special purpose industrial and research tools; such as, automated instrumentation and DAQ platforms, Sensing systems (industrial, environmental, geological and biological), modeling and simulation modules. I prototyped and co-patented an On-the-spot Soil Analyser (OSA), capable to determine quantities of soil chemical and physical properties in situ. The platform uses an array of ion selective electrodes (ISE) to quantify the levels of several ion species. In addition, to quantify soil organic matter, carbon, and textural attribute, it is possible to deploy a range of sensors including a portable mid infrared (mid-IR) probe or a microsopic digital imaging sensor (camera). Further, I designed and developed a customized software application to process and analyze dense spatial information obtained using proximal soil sensing (PSS) and remote sensing (RS) techniques. Altogether, I have about 9 years of full-time research and part-time teaching experience and about 4 years of industrial work experience.

About My Research Interest

Instrumentation, data acquisition, data interpretation, automation and control systems: Multi-disciplinary research with high interest in sensor fusion approach to: design, develop, fabricate/prototype and evaluate research tools (hard and soft) to monitor, assess and comprehend complex parameters involved in industrial (standard), agricultural (soil, water and crop), biological (microbial) and environmental (pollution) setups. For e.g. multi‑sensor data acquisition and control systems; automated/robotic field instrumentation; multi‑sensor data interpretation using modeling and simulations. With special attention to enhance research in Precision Agriculture, Proximal Soil Sensing, Remote Sensing, Agricultural Machinery etc. (but not limited).

Community entrepreneurial development: Implementation of soil-water-crop-environment monitoring and process control technologies; Adaptive soil-water-crop environment quality management; Stakeholder engagement processes; Establishing co‑operative soil, water and crop health monitoring units (Small Scale Industry).