Nana's Kids Campaign

Welcome Family and Friends !     
It's KICK OFF TIME for of the 9th Annual  Nana's Kids Campaign Toy and Warm Clothing Donation Drive.

The Nana's Kids MISSION is to honor Dottie Gudger and to ensure the at risk children in her community of Oak Orchard/Long Neck in Sussex County, DE are provided smiles and a wonderful holiday season.  

Together we have contributed over $90,000 of monetary/toys/clothes/food and supported the local schools and Boys and Girls Club in the community.

  • Cash/Check Monetary Donations
  • Credit Card Donations via Pay Pal
  • New Toy Donations
  • New Donations of Warm Clothing
Nana's Kids is a community service project of and through the Indian River Fire Company, and is tax deductible. (IRVFC is a 100% volunteer, non profit, tax exempt organization EIN 51-0302525)   Checks can be made out to the IRVFC and mailed to :
Carol Taylor
807 Kendra Terrace
Leesburg, VA 20176

Thanks to the IRVFC, we have established Paypal for those that wish to make monetary contributions to help reach our goal.  Simply click on the link provided, and you will be forwarded to the IRVFC secure online donation site.

                MAKE A DONATION  
  • Click the Link Above
  • Select the make a donation button,
  • You will be taken to the secure shopping cart
  • Log in to paypal
  • Select your donation amount

All check and credit card donations will receive a tax donation receipt from the IRVFC.




The Gudger/Taylor/Ball Families thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and donations.
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Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs: His Own Words and Wisdom    
Your donations and support to achieve our 2020 goal is incredibly appreciated. 


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