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Purpose and Vision

Purpose:  The purpose of the Nanaimo Rowing Club is to provide the facilities, equipment, coaching, direction and support needed to facilitate quality and financially viable, recreational and competitive rowing experiences.

Vision:  The Nanaimo Rowing Club is a thriving club with a strong and diverse membership.  We are community-minded and take great pride in being inclusive and accessible with strong governance and exceptional coaching.  Located on the shores of Long Lake, our club is welcoming, beautiful and functional for supporting our coaches and athletes through all phases of individual and team excellence.  We are recognized as a club that values sportsmanship, personal growth, fun and a positive rowing experience while at the same time producing world class athletes able to successfully compete on a national and international scale.

            1.  To build a new boat house that is functional for club and community use 

            2.  To prepare a capital acquisition, maintenance and replacement plan

            3.  To maximize club member participation and involvement 

            4.  To implement three strong programs with sufficient coaching staff 

            5.  To be a club that is financially viable/sustainable 

            6.  To have a strong, stable and effective governance structure in place