Fluffy Frosting

This recipe has been taken from the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks Kids' Birthday Cakes

Please note that all measurements are Australian Metric

1 C, 220g Caster Sugar

1/3C, 80ml Water

2 Egg Whites

Combine sugar and water in small saucepan; stir with a wooden spoon over high heat without boiling, until sugar dissolves.  Boil, uncovered, without stirring, about 3 to 5 minutes or until syrup is slightly thick and has reached soft ball stage.  The syrup will be ready when it reaches 114 deg C (240 deg F).

While syrup is boiling, beat egg whites in small bowl with electric mixer until stiff; keep beating (or whites will deflate) until syrup reaches the correct temperature.

When syrup is ready, allow bubbles to subside then pour a very thin stream onto the egg whites with mixer operating on medium speed.  If you add it too quickly, the frosting will not thicken.  Continue beating and adding syrup until all syrup is used. [I usually manage to spill a fair bit on the bench top]

Continue to beat until frosting stands in stiff peaks (it should be barely warm by this stage)

Colour as desired.

I used this as the main icing on the Fishing Boat