Pumped Storage Hydro - Hungary

The owners of NAM Zrt and affiliated companies has established a potential site selection protocol based on risk management to provide the fundamentals to built a 400MW pumped storage hydro scheme in Northern Hungrary. Mining and exploration rights were obtained along with watersupply study for pounding and replace loss of water due to evaporation and ground seepages.
The potential pumped storage hydro in Northern Hungary located along a planned high-voltage transmission line to be built along the Sajó river.

An other multifunction pumped storage hydro scheme was also worked out in an other potential area in Northern Hungary. This unique pumped storage scheme includes number of water conveyance tunnels and pipelines, which could collect and provide sufficient water storage upto 600MW pumped storage capacity hydro. This hydro scheme combined with approximately 50-60MW windpower and coupled with solar power could be on of the most complex hydro-renewable electrical powergeneration project Hungary.