Professional Contract Services

First of all, our professionals well trained international consultants with decades of international experience. Most of our professionals have dual-multi citizenships and are able to travel, live and work almost everywhere around the world.

Most of the times projects need  common sense engineers who are able to make decisions and represent the interest of the hiring parties. 
We can do that, as we are focused on problem solving.
For contractors, - making claims for unforseen conditions/extra work/change of contract, for owners,- reject unfounded construction claims, all known to us.

Yet, our prefererence is RESIDENT ENGINEERING and PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS  of contrcator submitted documentations to the Owner(s).

In terms of contract length:
  • Some of our affiliates prefer short assignment, some prefer long ones lasting for years, we can match easily your needs 
  • Some of our affiliates work alone, some work in teams covering most of the topic-duty they are assigned to supervise or manage

This is how we describe our services: FLEXIBILITY, DIVERSITY, DEDICATION - in time, location, condition and service. We operate like professional mercenaries.