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King Soopers Cards


King Soopers Cards!

You may remember these from Outdoor Lab.  Well, now that you’ve paid for that, why not continue the process to support NAMS – without any expense to you!  Every time you reload the card 5% comes directly back to the NAMS PTSA.  PTSA uses the money to support teachers and programs at the school.

Cards cost $8 and come with $5 pre-loaded.

We ask that you commit to $200 of reloads but would love to see more!

Please Contact us at nams.ptsa@gmail.com

OR send in the form below with your money!  We’ll get the card to your student within 2 weeks.

Name:  _____________________________________________________

Phone Number and Email (If we have questions):


(Phone)                                                                                                                               (email)

Student Name and 7th Period Teacher:


(Name)                                                                                                         (7th Period Teacher)

___________# of Cards    __________$ Enclosed       ____Cash    ___Check