Nam Kyu Kim

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science & International Relations at Korea University. In 2012, I graduated with a Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at the University of Michigan.

I study comparative politics, international relations and political economy. My research interests include the politics of authoritarian regimes, the interaction between domestic politics and international relations, and the relationship between economic forces and political outcomes.

On this site you will find information on my research and teaching. You can reach me at namkkim1 at

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Published Articles

23. Foreign Direct Investment and Democratic Survival: a sectoral approach

    • Forthcoming at Democratization

22. Genocide, Politicide, and the Prospects of Democratization since 1900 (with Gary Uzonyi, Nakissa Jahanbani, and Victor Asal)

    • Forthcoming at Journal of Conflict Resolution. (manuscript)

21. External Threat Environments and Individual Bias against Female Leaders (with Alice Kang)

    • Forthcoming at Political Science Research and Methods. (manuscript)

20. Political institutions and coups in dictatorships (with Jun Koga Sudduth)

19. Previous Military Rule and Democratic Survival

    • Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2021. (manuscript)

18. Reassessing the Relationship between Elections and Democratization

    • International Political Science Review, 2020 (manuscript)

17. Territorial Disputes and Individual Willingness to Fight

16. Government Mass Killing and Post-Conflict Domestic Trials (with Gary Uzonyi)

    • Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 2020 (manuscript)

15. Territorial Threat and Women’s Legislative Representation (with Alice Kang)

14. External Territorial Threats and Military Regimes.

13. Conquering and Coercing: Nonviolent Anti-Regime Protests and the Pathways to Democracy (with Alex Kroeger)

12. How Do External Territorial Threats Affect Mass Killing (with Mi Hwa Hong)

11. Politics of Pursuing Justice in the Aftermath of Civil Conflict (with Mi Hwa Hong)

10. Transparency and Currency Crises

9. International Conflict, International Security Environment and Military Coups.

8. Are Military Regimes Really Belligerent?

7. Revolutionary Leaders and Mass Killing.

6. Regime and Leader Instability under Two Forms of Military Rule (with Alex Kroeger)

5. Do Multiparty Elections Improve Human Development in Autocracies? (with Alex Kroeger).

4. Rewarding the Introduction of Multiparty Elections (with Alex Kroeger).

3. Anti-regime Uprisings and the Emergence of Electoral Authoritarianism.

2. Revisiting Economic Shocks and Coups.

1. Testing the Liberal Peace: the Opportunity cost vs. Signaling arguments.

Book Chapters

1. Territorial Threats and Military Dictatorships.

2. Illiberal Features of Military Regimes

    • In Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism, edited by András Sajó, Renáta Uitz, and Stephen Holmes. Forthcoming.

Working papers

Electing More Women to National Legislatures: An Interplay between Global Normative Pressure and Domestic Political Regimes (with Mi Hwa Hong)

  • Revise and Resubmit at International Studies Quarterly


Korea University (2020- )

Comparative political systems (U)

Quantitative analysis of political science (G)

Sungkyunkwan University (2017-2019)

International Political Economy (U, G)

Domestic politics and International Relations (U, G)

Introduction to Game Theory (U)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2012-2017)

International Political Economy (U)

International Relations (U)

Causes of War and Peace (U)

Game theory (U, G)

Comparative Core Seminar (G)

Authoritarian Politics (G)

Quantitative Approach to Political Violence (G)

University of Michigan (2012)

Introduction to World Politics (U)