Can hi-tech really only offer paperwork metaphors as the basis for diverse business operations? I suggest the medium should be digital scenes.

  "What's the scene man"

Scenes exploit the whole range of communications offered by technology – 2D and 3D images, manipulation (zooming, panning, orbiting and so on), animation and sound, which when paired with digital machines to take care of the boring but essential bits, become super scenes, or super scenarios if depicting a proposal such as a building project. But scenes seems a good enough term.

Instead of "send me the drawings and spec", "link me up to the scenes you want me to deal with." Drawings need to be interpreted; individually plans, sections and elevations on the one hand contain too much information and on the other too little; scenes are the interpretations, containing just the information and links needed for the intended task.

And such information can be set and retrieved by all invited; all contribute to and draw from the model; nothing is passed on.

And because scenes have no paperwork type restrictions machines and output can be configured on any computer display, including neat little jobs like the one above.