Alcoholic Diary — My own conception of a Higher Power

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[Please forgive me for referring to my Higher Power as being male throughout this post. My usual solution to this problem of the English language—namely, using plural referents—doesn't work. This is extremely unfortunate since, as you will see below once I write about it, my Higher Power transcends gender and is in a sense both male and female simultaneously.]

  • There is a God, and it's not me.1
  • God is infinite is all respects: he is everywhere, at all times, always has been and always will be.
  • God is, in his essence, infinite love.  Therefore he is infinitely loving.
  • It is the nature of love to desire more than anything to make others outside of oneself happy. 
  • Due to this, god inevitably had to create something besides himself to be the object of his love.
  • It is further in the nature of love, that whatever he created had to have the freedom of whether or not to love him in return.
  • For all practical purposes, this freedom made evil inevitable.

1 Significant in this respect is that the title of Ernest Kurtz's excellent history of Alcoholics Anonymous is titled Not God.

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