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This has to be one of the most unusual FAQs on the Web. In fact, it may be unique. The questions listed and answered here comprise only the actual questions I've actually been asked (excluding rhetorical ones and, okay, one I added without being asked). Now for the questions:

  • Q. What language is your blog name?
    A. It's German and means nameless drinker. I came across the term while reading the definitive outsider's history of A.A., Not God, by Ernie Kurtz, and decided to use it as my online pseudonym.

  • Q. Are you new to the blogsphere, or just new to my blogsite?
    A. I am not new to the blogosphere. I used to post on another website that ultimately went under. See
    my initial post on this blog. In my first recovery blog, I blogged from April 2004 till early 2005.

    Additionally, I have a non-alcoholic blog where I've been posting since May 2003.

  • Q. Where do you live?
    A. Forgive me for not giving you a completely straight-forward answer to your question. I'm trying to maintain anonymity—for several reasons. One, to protect my effectiveness in general service. Two, to protect my privacy from non-alcoholics (I'm pretty sure that anything I'd blog about I would be willing to share with the vast majority of people in the rooms of A.A.) I will go so far as to say I live in the suburbs of a mid-Atlantic metropolitan area.

  • Q. Were you really born in 1914?
    A. Let me put it this way: 1914 was closer to my date of birth than today is, by more than a decade. Ha ha!

  • Q. What are you going to do to 'celebrate' [the 15th anniversary of your sobriety]?
    A. First thing in the morning I went to a meeting—a Big Book Step Study meeting, where one friend even knew it was my anniversary before I announced it—and last thing at night my parents took me and my wife out to dinner. Only the latter wasn't because it was my anniversary, but because it was the first Saturday night all we had free since my "belly-button" birthday more than 3 months ago, LOL!

    On Thursday one of the meetings I attend regularly is celebrating their 37th(?) anniversary with a meal and by having my sponsor's first sponsor, with something like 48 years, speak. That's where I'll probably pick up my medallion.

    Other than that I'll celebrate like I always do: making financial contributions to GSO, to the Area and to my local Intergroup, and by spending the next year helping any still-suffering alcoholics I can find get and stay sober, one day at time. They shouldn't be too hard to find, don't ya think?

  • Q. Was that really your own skull?
    A. No (this was a question about the original image I had of "myself" in my Blogger profile).

  • Q. [With regard to my Rule of Three,] what happens if you ask 3 times, your request is not met, you do the task yourself, with only a tiny bit of resentment, and the requestee gets annoyed and says I would have done it?
    A. I might do it. Or it might just not get done. Or I find someone else who can satisfy my want.

    The idea of me doing it might not even make sense, e.g., "Would you please stop treating me like a child?" In a case like this I could stop hanging with the person or leave when they start doing it. One thing I try not to do is retaliate by doing something I think will equally annoy them.

    I have never gotten the response, "Oh, I would have done that!" If I had, I'd suspect that I was not communicating what I wanted clearly enough, or that the person was more passive-aggressive than I had realized.

    The question certainly points to one thing that's true: no matter what, I try to minimize any resulting resentment, always remembering that my goal progress, not perfection.

  • Q.I noticed that you listed my blog on your blogroll.  How did you come across my blog?
    A. I don't remember exactly—quite possibly it was by reading a comment you posted somewhere else and following the link back.

  • Q. What is an "area"?
    A. From p. S33 of the 2006-2007 edition of The A.A. Service Manual Combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service:

    An area may be part of a state or province, or all of it, or may include parts of more than one state or province, depending on the size and needs of the A.A. population. In any case, the area holds an important middle position in the Conference structure — through the elected delegate, it participates in A.A. worldwide, while through the D.C.M.s and G.S.R.s, it is close to the local scene.

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