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Namassuka's Cue Card Challenge!

posted May 13, 2012, 4:00 PM by Hika Thai

Douwa-Kensetsu's Bad Communication 11, tamakuro's "冬のアイマスコピ本" , and Kasuga Souichi's Honey to Miki to Kono Omoi under Untouched.
Colorful Days Chapter 1 (Completed) and Chapter 2's script and Splash Red's Chapter 8 and 9 scripts.
A torrent link to the SUPER GAMESONG LIVE Promotional Event and THE iDOLM@STER" P.S. Producer in Live Action/VA Events.
Hibiki's Birthday (from Jaehoony) and Let's Play iM@S2 subbed on the Video tab.
Chapter 42 of Puchim@su! (completed), Chapter 43's cleans and Chapter 46's RAWs.
Hibiki's Master Artist 2 and the third Kotori Secret Report under Translated Drama CDs.
Megami Magazine Vol 9 under Untranslated Drama CDs.
iM@S Champ Plus in Miscellaneous.
ASGO's Lovely Flower, Even if my wife is old, she's still cute, 765Pro and A Dog under Completed.
Chapter 12 of The World Is All One!

TS for the Idol-man comics in Incompleted.
Cleans for Puchim@su! Chapter 46.

Reorganized the Completed tab with Artists and in alphabetical order.
Replaced the dead mediafire link from laburey's with another one.
I will be making a list of the dead links that are on this site and report them to the thread.