Spazeship Review

What is Spazeship ?

Quizzes are always interesting, in particular when there are many striking images in them. To marketers generally speaking, quizzes are also a way to capture leads and traffic, a very powerful way actually.

However, creating quizzes is not as easy as it appears. If you choose to do it manually, it may need a huge amount of time, not to mention the results are not as good as you expect. Intended for that reason, I have always been introducing an incredible business lead machine that can help you deal with quizzes easily. It's called Spazeship.

Let's see what can do to increase your business in my Spazeship Review. Let's get started out!

What is Spazeship?

Spazeship is a smart web-affiliated package that shows you how to create virus-like traffic and then enhance it into a huge number of leads and sales by using quizzes. To be more specific, Spazeship can:

-        Build various passive traffic machines to scale up your business

-        Boost conversions and get more subscribers, potential buyers

-        Work on various browsers as well as computer

-        Work in many niche categories

-        Provide email training which is broken down into steps

-        No maintenance fee

-        No experience required

And so much more!

About publisher

The man behind Spazeship is Stefan Ciancio, along by making use of his friends. They will may have all worked well in the field for quite a long time and have launched a lot of products such as Info Profits School, Turnkey Profit Machines, SociCore and so much more.

Let's switch to the next part of the Spazeship Review to discover more as to what the tool can do!

Feature details

Quick response questions

Spazeship offers a dashboard that allows users to develop multiple questions to be answered right away.

Capture leads inside the dashboard

With Spazeship, it is unnecessary to buy any software for capturing leads anymore. You can get the thing you need inside Spazeship within some clicks.

Choose text or image answers

To make the experience much better, you can choose text or images answers to make it more engaging and also attractive!

Share on social networks

Sharing on social networks lets to discover takers share results on great example of such to attract the attention of their friends. Isn't it the best way to boost publicity?

Facebook pixel code

One more thing you can do with it is to retarget quiz takers, whether they did or performed not finish the to discover to sell products.

Phone to action buttons after the quiz

Call-to-action switches are extremely powerful. You can input it at the end of the quiz to direct traffic to the offer or to the websites.

Export lead data

What if there is no need any autoresponder? Spazeship provides users the ability to move the information into excel data files.

Customize the quizzes

On order to gain more trust and boost sales, you need to put your logo on the quizzes in order to recognize your brands.

Track analytics and statistics

Each quiz will come with analytics to help you to monitor indexes such as leads, visitors, conversions, clicks, interpersonal shares and so much more. Doing this it is way much better to boost your statistics.


Mobile phone traffic is also an important part of your business, this is why Spazeship allows the quizzes to be completely appropriate for phones or tablets. You'll as much traffic as possible.

 Send out brings about autoresponders

The tool integrates with many popular email autoresponders. This helps you save time on sending automated emails when there is somebody just joining. It's computerized and.

Segment quiz takers

Section the takers to make different email lists. Then simply send them follow-up email messages while offering of relevant products based on the actual need.

Capture leads via web forms or explicit opt-in

Whether it is to capture leads with lead capture inside the dashboard or use opt-in, your email prospect lists will grow considerably faster than before.

How does it work?

Step 1: create quizzes, questions and results

You can choose among a huge number of pre-made quiz templates from the seller. It's smart simple.

2: Lead catch

Custom the form by the built-in editor in the dashboard, then put it the headline, active approach buttons, description and so much more!

Step three: Publish

That's how you take action. The whole process is merely about 10 minutes at most.

Who should use it?

In this Spazeship Review, I want to suggest Spazeship to all or any types of business. They will include blogs, affiliate marketing, fan pages, coaching, business lead agencies, e-commerce, Amazon, and local business and so much more. The potential is endless.

Pros and cons


-        Cloud-based

-        Newbie friendly

-        Work in various markets


-        The price will not likely remain the same following the launch week

Spazeship Review - Evaluation and Value

Spazeship is sold for the cost of $37. The price will go in the future, so be sure to have it before the price goes up. From my point of view, this package is pretty detailed and well-detailed for individuals who want a simple start.

This is the bottom of my Spazeship Review. Hope what I shared here offers you a view of the package. Good good luck!