Piramu as a person

    From very young age, Piramu is a self-aware personality. He always asks the question "why?" to himself and hence he was able to clearly think through things. He is a very dedicated and hardworking person. He was given a fiber industries with a lot of debt on it. He took over when he is around 20 years of age. The business world is full of sharks or wolfs and he is just a kid entering in it. After roughly 10 - 15 years he turned it around and became a leader in his field.
    He achieved many things before his 30. He built the tallest house in the village at that time. He became a leading industrialist in his field. He started becoming the leader of his workers, many farmers who do not know how to survive. He built an organization. Many people refer to him even today saying their livelihood heavily dependent on Piramu during their early days and they were able to grow in their walks of life due to the guidance and support from Piramu.
    Warren Buffet quotes that he earned from the society and has the responsibility of the society for the society. Piramu did the same, he did not go ruthless earning money. He started leading people in the society, helping them whenever there is a need. He looked after the extended family which lived close by. Then his care extended to the people on his neighborhood, street and so forth. True leader he is, many times he had to face many criticism and emotional troubles. He had the 'never-give-up' attitude in his profession and life. Problems never slowed him down and he faced them bravely - even when he was facing the life-threatening disease. 
    Mahatma Gandhi said 'my life is my lesson' and the same goes to Piramu whose life is a lesson of many youngsters who need leadership, braveness, courage, confidence, broad mind and etc.