Midwest Study Group of the
North American Kant Society

2014 Meeting 
Washington University in St. Louis
October 25-26
Host: Anne Margaret Baxley
                     Saturday October 25th
                     Saturday Morning Session on Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy
                         Chair: Anne Margaret Baxley, Washington University in St. Louis
                         “Kant's Subjective Deduction and the Copernican Revolution”
                         Curtis Sommerlatte, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, Indiana University
                         “Intuition & Presence”
                         Colin McLear, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

                         “What philosophical problem does the Transition Project of the Opus postumum address?”
                         Oliver Thorndike, Visiting Professor, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins

                         12:30-2:00 Catered Lunch

                     Saturday Afternoon Session on Kant's Practical Philosophy
                         Chair: Donald Wilson, Kansas State University

                         "Kant's Theory of Motivation: A Hybrid Approach"
                         Benjamin Yost, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Providence College

                         Keynote Address, "Did Kant Think that Rational Volition is sub ratione boni?"
                         Andrews Reath, Professor of Philosophy, UC Riverside

                         6:00--Drinks and Dinner at Pi Pizzeria (6144 Delmar Blvd.) 

                         Sunday October 26th

                     Sunday Morning Session on Kant’s Practical Philosophy
                     Chair: Andrew Youpa, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

                         “God's Awful Majesty Before Our Eyes: Kant's Moral Justification for Divine Hiddenness”
                         Tyler Paytas, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis
                         ***Awarded Best Graduate Student Paper Submission***

                         “Kant's Highest Good: The Moral Law's Constructed Object”
                         Alonso Villarán, Ph.D., J.D., Universidad del Pacifíco (Peru)

                         “Sublime and Moral Feelings as Rationes Cognoscendi of Human Freedom"
                         Christopher Penfield, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, Purdue University

                     Accommodations for presenters at the Knight Center.