Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for visiting this site.  As you are aware, the Maile family suffered a tragic and unexpected loss on Friday, October 16, 2009, when their husband, father, son and brother, Naki Maile, passed away.  Naki’s great qualities are without number and as diverse as the people who loved him.  Certainly your hearts and minds are filled with fond and loving memories as you reflect on his life.  Suffice it to say he was a great man, who loved the Lord and his family.  Naki truly spent his last days “in the service of his fellow beings,” as he labored to raise funds and supplies for victims of the Pacific tsunamis that struck Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga.

            While Naki loved many, his heart only ever belonged to one – his loving wife, Abby.  Abby blessed Naki with six beautiful daughters, Line, Malia, Lose, Eli, Eva and Ane.  Naki loved these girls, all seven of them, with all of his heart. 

            As you can imagine, Abby will face many challenges in the days, months, and years ahead, not the least of which is raising six young girls.  We invite you to help ease her burden by making a donation using the Paypal “donate” link below.  No amount is too small.  All funds donated through this link will be deposited directly into Abby's Paypal account.  We sincerely thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support that has been shown to the Maile family.   

            We love you Naki, Abby and Girls.


Message from Abby 

I’ve been trying to figure out how to form the words that will adequately describe how I’ve been feeling towards all those whose love for Naki, myself, and our girls has been showered on us, and “there has not been room enough to receive it.”  I am astounded and incredibly humbled as I’ve watched all of you give tirelessly of your time, your money, your thoughtfulness, your prayers, your food, your talents, your patience, your understanding, your faith, and your love to my little family.  I know that Naki is so incredibly touched as well . . . he loves you all and has served you the best way he knows how; by loving you.  And I know that he is so proud to be able to call you all friends as he’s watched you lift up and love all of his girlies.  Line, Malia, Lose, Eli, Eva, Ane, and myself only hope to be able to carry on that legacy of love that he and now all of you have taught us.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you . . . 

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