Naked Thai Girls

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naked thai girls
naked thai girls - The Last
The Last Temptation in Thailand
The Last Temptation in Thailand
Even as I worked on this project I didn't know if it was real or not. But if you ask me about it, I will deny it all... Mixing genres like most people mix drinks, the "Last Temptation in Thailand" is a reality based lie wrapped in a philosopher's illusion of truth. The Buddha said desire causes pain, but I went to Thailand anyway. My story begins on the road to Bangkok. It ends hot on a cold trail to nowhere - a six month odyssey through ancient temples, whore-bars and even a brush with love. The open road called, I had no choice, I had to go. The Buddha headed out on the open road over 2500 ago years to face his final temptation under the Bodhi tree. When the gods sent down the most beautiful goddess in the heavens to tempt his mortal soul the accounts read, "He almost wavered, but then he wavered not". Me? I waver with even the slightest hint of a comely bargirl nearby. Thailand is a place where not only are the footsteps of the Buddha still echoing in the sands of time, but where the women are free and the men don't mind paying the price. Every desire has it's price, though, as I end up paying for love like most men pay for a cold beer and find the whole thing kind of liberating. So when love finally knocks on my door I know it's time to go, lest I pay the ultimate price... freedom is a hell of thing to lose to any woman's charms. Finally, hearing echoes of the Buddha's ancient call to moksha or liberation, I hop aboard a boat to nowhere sailing through the beatific seas of Thailand. Hot on a cold trail, I hear rumors that the illusive Buddha was last seen somewhere in a bar down south... I had no choice, I had to go.

Sexy Thai girls naked
Sexy Thai girls naked
How many people use Flickr to search for saucy images? Just trying to find out if the name of a photo influences the number of hits.
Creatively Thai 2009
Creatively Thai 2009
Creatively Thai at Vivo City • High Street Fashion • Young Designers Showcase
naked thai girls
China Gaga - True stories of sex, erotica, and erotic romance with beautiful and sexy Chinese girls in China

Back in the U.S., I was engaged to a Chinese-American woman. When the first financial crisis took away my job, my life's savings, and my hopes for the future, my beautiful fiancée left me, too. I took a trip to China to clear my head. While in China, a special fraternity of men showed me how the locals really partied. I learned to navigate the dating and the sex scenes in China. I became an expert at bedding local Chinese women. I went to KTV's, hair salons, saunas, and foot massage places. I experienced professional women, housewives, college students, and even some party members. It was paradise.

I almost had sex with a red tag girl inside the KTV room. I fell crazy in love with the most beautiful Chinese girl. I was used by her, played by her, slept with her, and then dumped by her. I seduced an exotic looking masseuse away from her perverted manager. I almost took home a sweet innocent girl from the hair salon street and I had to run for my life from the Shanghai police. All those happened on my third night in China.

The story is based on real people and true events. Only the names and certain details were changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent. It contains 15,800 words.