Sunday, June 14. 2009

Group flight day out of LAX to Heathrow!

Monday, June 15

Group flight arrival day into Heathrow! Welcome to London!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BLC and FIE orientations and presentations.
Wed. June 17, 2009

BLC morning class with John Makey

2:00pm: Tour of Kensington followed by a quick tour of the East End and Bricklane culminating in a FIE hosted sojourn to a delicious Indian food restaurant, TAYYABS.
Cinetrek ONE hosted by Graduate Student Teaching Assistants Kevin Gossett and Lauren Spears. The Vibe Bar is our destination as we sample the clubkultur of Brick Lane and the East End.  2 cineTREK scooby snacks if you went on the field trip; 3 cineTREK delights possible if you answer the following question in 250 words (about 1 page, double-spaced typed if you were turning it in in-class) 
on your blog:  Write a piece on THE VIBE BAR wherein you list ONE or TWO remarkable 'scenes' or sights you witnessed on your first official cineTREK of the semester.  Write dynamically and fearlessly--DONT write it like a paper for RWS!  and yes, you will be graded on content, style, spelling, grammar, etc.... THE WORKS.
Thursday, June 18

A day of rest!
Friday, June 19

FIRST CLASS!  Come to class and receive three CINETREKS!

T. S. Eliot Room, Foundation House (FIE) 114 Cromwell Road; 10:30 to 11:30am How to prep for class?  Think about the VISUAL CULTURE of London!
Make a short list of things that have CAUGHT YOUR EYE.
How does London 'look differently' than San Diego. How hasit jarred your perception, if at all.

Class will end early at 11:30am so as to give you time to grab
a quick bite before meeting me and Ron King at 12:15pm outside the Gloucester Road Station for the tube ride over to the British Museum for your BLC class.
Saturday, June 20, 2009

We go to Stonehenge and Bath... keep an EYE OUT for how the feel of  England changes as you move out of the London metroplex.
 Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21

We are off to the Prince Charles Theatre tonight forFUGITIVE PIECES.

The film starts at 8:50; We will leave at 8:00pm sharp from the Gloucester Road Tube Station for the quick ride over to Leicester Square. This 
field trip is worth 3 cineTREKS (5 if you write a piece on the film/cinetrek on our blog.
 Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, June 22

It is a CINEMA cinetrek, the very best kind as we head out to Southwark for theRoxy Bar and Screen and a great tale of Americans abroad, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA; £3 is the cover charge.  The movie begins at 8pm, but we will meet at the Gloucester Tube Stop at 6:30 pm for the longish ride down to the Roxy (also, to get good comfy seats!);  field trip is worth 3 cineTREKS (5 if you write a piece on the film/cinetrek on our blog.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009  


You’ve heard of witty British humor, now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.  Come down for a night of comedy with England’s self proclaimed “ginger abomination,” Andrew Lawrence, a delightfully twisted redhead with a brilliant sense of humor.

Meet outside of the Gloucester Road Underground Station at 8pm on Thursday evening.  We’ll head over to Caledonian Road and catch the show promptly at 9pm at Pleasance TheatreNorth Rd, LondonN7 9EF.  Only 5 pounds and well worth it!

2 cineTREKS for the field trip; 4 cineTREKS if you write a review of this outing.

Alternate to CONCERT outing....

Friday 26th June: 
2 Gentlemen of Verona at Bridewell Theatre 
Meet at the entrance of the theatre at 12:45pm. 
It's best to take the tube to St Paul's and then walk toward Ludgate Circus, which turns into Fleet Street. There are signs marking the way to the theatre. It is next to St Bride's Church. Play starts at 1pm PROMPTLY. They shut the doors at 1pm. This is a 
lunchbox theatre, so you are allowed to bring your lunch and a drink. £5 in advance, £6 at the door. 

2 cineTREKS for the field trip; 3 if you post on the outing.

Sunday June 28, 2009

A not to be missed evening of the most amazing travelogue ever, a clovingly crafted explosion of music and philosophy from over a 100 collaborators. This will be a life-changing experience - please come...with many friends. There will be a brilliant menu and we'll be passing the hat for MENCAP

Cinetrek led by intrepid sprite KEVIN GOSSETT; 3 cineTREKS for the movie; 5 if you write on the piece.


Tuesday, June 30

It is a CINEMA cinetrek, the very best kind as we head out to Southwark for the Roxy Bar and Screen and a great tale called y tu mama tambien; £3 is the cover charge.  The movie begins at 8pm, but Kevin Gossett will meet you at the Gloucester Tube Stop at 6:30 pm for the longish ride down to the Roxy (also, to get good comfy seats!);  field trip is worth 3 cineTREKS (5 if you write a piece on the film/cinetrek on our blog.
wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday 1st July:
Opera Excerpts
Meet at Gloucester Road Tube at 6PM promptly for the trip to Bridewell  Theatre.
If you miss us and still can make it: Directions:

It's best to take the tube to St Paul's and then walk toward Ludgate  Circus, which turns into Fleet Street. There are signs marking the way to the theatre. It is next to St Bride's Church.
Tickets: £8, Concessions £6

thursday, July 2

 friday, july 3

 saturday, july 4

July 5, 2009  

Japanese animation is the order of the day, if you are game, as we head out to the Riverside Theatre, out at Hammersmith east of our digs in Kensington.  We will leave from Gloucester Road Tube at 12noon sharp for the ride over to the Riverside--a cool theatre that sports a beautiful Thames-side patio.  The film today is a double-feature, SPIRITED AWAY and CORALINE--you are welcome to see both, but only required to see the first film. It is not cheap at £6.50 but well worth the trip.  3 cineTREKS for the screening; 5 if you do a blog posting wherein you either speculate on the 'deep meaning' of Miyazaki's classic OR relate the film to one other film/novel you have seen/read in the last two months

July 6, 2009

Theatre in Notting Hill tonight as we are off to see MEDEA MEDEA at the GATE THEATRE.

Mondays are pay what you can night so we have to get there by 6:30 though the show starts at 7:30; we will leave the steps of your flat at 6pm to begin this adventure--read the link above and be sure you want to go--this play may not be to everyone's taste!!!

Here's the review. Reading this won't hurt either...

4 cineTREKS if you go; 6 if you write a well-crafted blog posting unraveling the complexity of this staged spectacle.

July 7, 2009

Off we go to our alleged home away from home, the British Film Institute, aka BFI Southbank for a Classic!  North by Northwest from the one and only Alfred Hitchcock!  We will leave Gloucester Road Station at 7pm for the ride and walk over to BFI; 3 cineTREKS for the field trip, 5 cineTREKS if you post a blog that focuses on the relationship between sexual and political tension in Hitchcock's film. £6.65.

July 8, 2009

Vampire night as we venture back to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.... the film starts at 9pm, so we will leave Gloucester Road Underground at 8:10pm sharp!  3 cineTREKS for experiencing this new film, 4 cineTREKS if you post a blog commenting on director Thomas Alfredson's contributions to the genre of horror films or, more specifically, vampire films.  Why are we in the West so crazy about blood-drinking fiends these days?

July 9, 2009   

We will leave Hyde Park Gate steps at 2:15pm sharp for our walk over to the French Institute's CINE LUMIERE, one of the premiere international cinema art houses nestled right in our neighborhood!  On tap for this afternoon is

Les Visiteurs du soir
France | 1942 | b&w | 120 mins | dir. Marcel Carné, with Arletty, Fernand Ledoux, Maria Dea

The film starts at 3, so if you know where the cinema is and you want to bag the walk together over, that is cool; just make sure you let me know you are there!

3 cineTREKS if you go to the movie; 5 cineTREKS if you also do a blog posting that speculates on director Marcel Carne's goals in making this peculiar, allegorical film.

£5 is the price of admission.

cineTREK 2 for today?  After the film, we will head on over to Whole Foods market, where, for £5 you can sample from 6pm to 8pm an assortment of their fine foods and wine.  2 cineTREKS for indulging in this particularly singular london social/culinary spectacle.

cineTREK 3 for today finds us leaving Whole Foods for..... BFI and a swinging film by Joseph Losey, MODESTY BLAISE.  The screening is at 8:40pm and may sell out, so if you REALLY want to go, you may want to book ahead!!!  We will leave Gloucester Road station at 8pm SHARP for the ride over to EMBANKMENT station and the  BFI. 3 cineTREKS for the flick; 5 if you write a blog piece contrasting London Social life NOW with what you see in Losey's movie.

July 10, 2009

We are on the coaches and off to Oxford for the day.  This is a BLC/FIE event/outing but there is no reason not to double it up as a NAKED LONDON, er, 'OXFORD EYES' gala as well.  So..... 2 cineTREKS for a blog posting that JUXTAPOSES Oxford and SDSU.


July 11, 2009

If you want to get out of the flat and see some of London's best sightseeing areas at Primrose Hill, meet me at Gloucester
Road Station at 3:15pm for the ride over. After that, we might dash over to Hampstead
to see the Holly Bush Pub, a very cool and chill neighborhood establishment. 3cineTREIKS for making this tour!

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Whether or not you are Catholic or Christian, you might enjoy joining me this morning for the sung, Latin Mass at the Bromptom Oratory--we will leave the corner of Gloucester Road and Cromwell Road at 10:40am for the short walk over to the largest Catholic Cathedral this side of Saint Peter's in Rome. Worth 2 cineTREKS for the experience; 4 if you blog about noteworthy elements of this traditional spiritual spectacle.

Cultural Anthropology is not for the timid--you should expect at times to have your senses tested and your imagination stretched. Hence our present excursion dreamed up with the collaboration of ace-cadet proto professor/TA Lauren Spears! Today, we will experience one of London's most popular subcultures at the monthly London Fetish Fair.  Enjoy food/drinks, shopping, watch a bdsm workshop, win some kinky toys at the raffle and if you're really brave, pay a visit to Mistress Rebekka later on in the evening at the afterparty.  This is not your typical cinetrek so be warned that you will more than likely see representations, performances, acts, and spectacles that are for adults-only.  This outing will push your boundaries and more than likely expose you to things you haven't seen before, so if you're willing to have a look, please come with an open mind.  Event is strictly for 18+ so be sure to bring ID.  Meet at Gloucester Station at 1:45pm.  
£5 per person before 3pm.  4 cineTREKS for attending the event; 6 possible if you write a cool blog posting on the curious sub-culture you encounter at the Fair.
 Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a relaxing Monday as we take a hiatus from movies and give ourselves over to our love of books--we will leave Gloucester Road station at 4pm for the ride over to FOYLES bookshop; from there we will hang out, look at books, and enjoy the great record store nestled in the heart of the bookstore. 2cineTREKS for the trip; 3 cineTREKS if you write up a comparative piece on the bookstore, contrasting it with others you are familiar with.  This is a quick field trip and we should be done around 6ish.
 Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Break out your sketchbooks as we spend the day exploring amazing art galleries!  This cineTREK begins at 10am sharp, from the front steps of your flat at Hyde Park Gate. We begin at the Serpentine Gallery as we gawk at the work of Jeff Koons--an outrageous American talent; from there, we will walk to my favorite haunted pub in London. After that we will hop the tube for the Tate Modern, where, as a
class, we will experience the Surrealism Gallery (you will also have free time to see other nifty galleries). This artsy junket is worth 5 cineTREKS, but you REALLY HAVE TO BRING ALONG pen and paper or pencil and sketchpad as drawing with our naked london  eyes will be part of the experience; shy folks who say they can't draw will have to share their stick figures with the group  in a public presentation so no whining allowed! ;-0   This cineTREK should be finished around 2pm or so...

A visual/aural/sensual explosion as we venture out for a cineTREK to the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire for the one and only OF MONTREAL.You can listen to some of their newer tracks here on Muxtape. From Athens Georgia, OF MONTREAL combines an eclectic musical style with a sinematic /cinematic stagecraft that has to be seen to be believed. Around £17 with ticket fees.  This outing is worth 6 cineTREKS; it is worth  8 cineTREKS if you post a blog on the concert that, cultural-anthropoligist style, dissects something provocative, surreal, evocative, disturbing, surprising you witness during the night.

 Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Mexican food extravaganza in your own flat as Tex-Mex Chef extraordinaire, Bill "Guillermo" Nericcio & Kevin "El Primo" Gossett, conspire with your own flatmate Courtney, to submerge your tastebuds in delightful versions of Mexican culinary masterpieces. What's on the menu? Burritos!  Both Chicken and Beef--if there are vegetarians in the house, let us know and Kevin will work on his Tofu cookling skills! 5pm! What's it worth? 1 cineTREK! 2 cineTREKs possible if you write an outrageously complimentary review of the event on the blog!
 Thursday, July 16, 2009

Having digested yesterday's coma-inducing avalanche of Tex-Mex-style culinary treats its back to the cinema as we return to the British Film Institute for Director Joseph Losey's A DOLL'S HOUSE starring Jane Fonda--here's a cool period review from TIME MAGAZINE. The movie is at 6pm, so we will leave GLOUCESTER ROAD STATION at 5pm sharp for the trip out to Embankment. The seats seem to be limited, so don't be shy about going online and booking ahead here. 3 cineTREKS for going to the BFI; 5 if you write a blog posting that talks about the differences between feminism in the 1973 and the 2009.

Note! BFI is running a film series on Gangsters! If SCARFACE is more to your taste, attend it and write a different kind of blog-posting on it; for this option, you'll have to print out a hard copy of your paper and give it to me in person with the ticket stub attached.
 Friday July 17, 2009

We are back to FOYLES bookshop for live music!  We will leave Gloucester road station at 12:15 for the ride over to the store and catch James Wolff playing at 1pm

This aural journey to one of London's hippest music stores is worth 2 cineTREKS. 4 cineTREKS if you, cultural anthropologist style, dissect some complex behavior you witness by either the musician(s) or their audience.


Saturday, July 18, 2009
10am Saturday morning* and we are up bright and early to head the THE WOMEN's LIBRARY for an exhibit called BETWEEN THE COVERS. Meet at Gloucester Road Station for the ride over to Aldgate East. Our naked london eyes will work to trace the history of female figuration in an exhibit receiving rave reviews. After leaving the museum, students should jump over to Brick Lane for the Student Shows at Free Range 2009 @ the Old Truman Brewery (near the one and only Vibe Bar). Next jump on the tube for King's Cross and the ride over to the British Library--one of the intellectual wonders of the world. There you can see original works by Shakespeare, the Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible and more at the Ritblat Gallery.

updated: since no one joined me today, this now functions as a go on your own cinetrek valid through MONDAY, July 20th. Blog postings for this GOonYOURown cineTREK are due printed out in hard copy with proof of your visits (dialogue cards from the Women's Library exhibit, post cards from student artists, flier from the British Museum) noon, Tuesday, July 21, 2009. 2 cineTREKS for the self-guided tour; 5 cineTREKS if you write a double-sized or two page essay highlighting outstanding works you encountered.

*as this is an auto-pilot cinetrek, go anytime you please.
It is one week to go before most of us leave--so much to reflect on, so much to thankful for.  So, so as to give the ghost of Henry VIII, original,  titular head of the Anglican Church, equal time, as it were, we head off at 9:45am for High Mass at London's greatest cathedral--St. Paul's.  The service, at 11am sharp, in case you want to get there on your own and skip getting up early, features:

Sunday 19th July, 11am Theresienmesse by Franz Josef Haydn

St Paul's Cathedral Consort and City of London Sinfonia

2 cineTREKS for attending the spectacle/service; 4 for writing a blog posting that contrasts the live spectacle of St. Paul's with ANY other cinetrek you have attended.

After mass, those of you who wish to join me can follow on to the TATE BRITAIN for a tour of its wonders, including a re-creation of William Blake's one-person exhibition there over 200 years ago.  For diehard artsies only, I imagine--2 cineTREKS for the tour; 3 if you mimic one of Blake's sketches or post a blog on one of the works that touches your naked london eye.

We head out for Shakespeare and the Old Globe for the Bard's AS YOU LIKE IT....  Buy tickets online as it is sure to sell out fast! 6 cineTREKS for eating up the Bard; 8 cineTREKS if you write a blog entry contrasting Globe-style theatre with other shows you've enjoyed recently.  £5 for a Groundling ticket (you stand!).

 Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We wait till near dark to venture out on the infamous JACK THE RIPPER London Walks tour.  We will leave Gloucester Road Station at 6:40pm sharp for the ride over to TEMPLE. The tour costs £5 and is not for the terribly squeamish; after the tour, those who wish can follow me to the Ten Bells PUB--a great East End pub and the place where, allegedly, 'Jack' scouted his victims! 2 cineTREKS for coming on the tour; 5 cineTREKS for posting a blog that debates the issues raised by using the legacy of a serial killer for profit as a tourist spectacle!
 Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10am finds us shaking the fear out of our bones from the night before as we gather at the Gloucester Road Tube Station for SKETCH for an immersive c/sinematic experience. More to come in this spot. 4 cineTREKS for the field trip; 5 if you post a brief paragraph identifying the most moving element of the cinematic experiment.

update!  Be sure to research online the exhibit we are going to witness--if you have less than tolerant views of human sexuality, then perhaps you should give this cineTREK a miss; that said, it is, perhaps, those that are least tolerant that are most in need of this kind of art.  You make the call--in any event, I promise you that the toilets at Sketch are worth the price of admission (it's free!).
Thursday July 23, 2009

Once again we jump on the bus (without our Arizona 'friends') for the ride out to the Bristol  BANKSY show--the most outrageous gallery show of the year in all the UK.  How much? FREE, on FIE in gratitude for being such a cool group of students.  We will leave the door of Hyde Park Gate at 8:30am sharp, so be ready! In order to receive your free, roundtrip, group ticket to BRISTOL, email me by 12noon THURSDAY, July 16, 2009.

 Friday, July 24, 2009

Final Blogposting/Paper due online by NOON today!!!!

The Notting Hill Arts Club @ Notting Hill Gate, hosts some of the most popular club/spectacles in London.  Tonight's cineTREK, the last! Finds us out the door at 6pm for LONDON BATACUMBA, a night of Afro Latino film, music, and more. It is free if you get there before 8pm, but the movie, Ninguem Sabe o Duro que Dei, starts at 7pm. The DJs take over after the film.  The night is also dedicated to an album launch party for Black Rio 2.
Club and Cabaret Culture in London forms a key part of the UK arts tapestry. 4 cineTREKs for the outing; 8 cineTREKs if you do a blog posting on the scene by 2pm Saturday.


and that's it! finis!  thanks for an amazing class!  WN

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