The Links of Naked Gord 

  • Jumbo Dump
  •  (Great site. Trust has nothing to do with elephants taking a crap) 

Watching movies when you're on the go.  

Atomic Books 

John Waters favourite bookstore. When in Baltimore be sure to visit their retail store.

  • TV, Eh? What's up in Canadian TV
  • See what we're watching when we're freezing our asses off up here in Canada 
  • Naked Gord Presents: Laughing at Bush
  • An old project of mine but still relevant 
  • PM Flaccid: Keeping track of Stephen Harper
  • Another old project (FYI Americans/Brits/etc - Harper is George Bush Jr. Canada)
  • The Naked Gord Program static content
  • My site for years before I realized there was a bevy of A/V content I could play on the web via Blogger