Naked Desserts: About us...

It all started with me craning my neck to see what my Mother was baking that weekend. As soon as I could reach the counter, I declared myself as her little helper. Insisted on helping, but made a mess and loved every minute of it.

I am still fascinated by the alchemy of baking. The wonder is in transforming simple ingredients into mouth watering creations.

Baking was my secret passion that did not get fulfilled for a very long time. It remained stunted with apprehensions, until I took professional baking courses in San Diego Community College. My chef instructors pushed me to perfect baking techniques, cultivate a clean working style that will help me bake from any recipe in the world-and create a few of my own along the way! 

After returning to my country, my husband and I decided that talk was cheap and it was time for action. So we started NAKED DESSERTS - an unpretentious line of Chocolate desserts that are stripped down to their very essence without any kind of embellishment to distract. I bake and he packs - that is the foundation of our business marriage!