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While I was in the middle of working on my crazy solar walker project, my brain started the countdown to explosion.  So I figured I needed a mental break from the madness and wanted to take on something a little easier to handle instead.  So, after some looking at solar engines, I really wanted to use Wilf Ritger's EZ Solar Engine on something.  I figured, what better way to use it than on a Symet?  I wanted my Symet to be a bit different though.  Instead of using a sort of cage around the outside of it like most Symets, I thought it would be cooler instead to use eight capacitors!  It was a double whammy too, because then I could get long pops and have a cool looking bot by the end!

So I started by zip tying two caps at a time to a piece of aluminum and then using that as a sort of jig to solder the negative leads of the caps directly to the CD motor case.

Here you can see my jig from the bottom.

I did that four more times and this was the end result.  Eight capacitors with their negative leads soldered to the case of the motor!

Next up was free forming the circuit.  It was an extremely easy circuit to freeform, but naturally I messed it up, haha.  Here's my first attempt using a 2N2222, but I managed to kill the transistor in the process (still not sure how).

So I tried it again with a 2N3904, but that just didn't seem to have the juice to handle eight capacitors.  So I ended up with an MPSA13 which seemed to get the job done rather well!  Here's the new circuit freeformed and connected under the Solarbotics solar panel.

Another view.

And, all said and done!  I think it's a pretty cool looking Symet!

Watch out for the rabbit in the background!

It's also quite large, much bigger than my FRED Photopoppers!

That's all for this guy!
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