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These are my photopoppers.  A photopopper is a type of robotic bug that uses a solar engine and some clever design to seek out the brightest light source, thereby feeding its solar panel and giving itself more energy!  For such simple circuitry, these little guys actually have a survival instinct!  They were made using the absolutely fantastic www.beam-wiki.org as a resource.  These in particular are based on the FRED solar engine (http://www.beam-wiki.org/wiki/FRED_Photopopper).

The two on the left in the below picture use a simplified FLED solar engine.  The one on the right uses the proper FRED photopopper design.

This one is definitely my favorite in terms of appearance.  The three big caps sticking out the back are three 2200 uF capacitors arranged with two in series that are in parallel with the third one to achieve 3300 uF.  The small black capacitors sticking out sideways are the small 0.22 uF capacitors that sit in line with the FLED.

Both are using small pager motors and solar cells purchased from www.solarbotics.com.

I just love how all the capacitors stick out!

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