My Robots

This is my page of robots!
I fancy myself a bit of a hobby roboticist and have started getting my feet wet with BEAM robotics.  These are great fun to build and are surprisingly simple!  I also have accumulated quite a few commercial robots and have given each one of them their own page (well, not yet, but soon enough).  So click on to find out more about the robots that I own!

Robots Built by Me

FLED Photopoppers

Crazy Solar Crawler Experiment
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Eight Capacitor Symet

Crazy 12 Motor Hexapod

Commercially Available Robots I Own

Bandai BN-1

Bandai WonderBorg

Beatbots My Keepon

Elekit TamaRobo

Hasbro Micropets (3 of the Smaller Type 1 of the Larger Type)

Innovation First Hexbug Original

Sony AIBO ERS-210 (x 2)

Takara/Tomy iSobot

UGobe Pleo

Wowwee Robopanda

ZMP PINO (Big and Little)