III. Robot Rapture

Little known fact about me is that I have exactly two hobbies.  One, as is painfully obvious by the main focus of this site, is cars.  The other though, is robots!  I don't have much interest in industrial robots as they aren't really available to the public and don't really entertain in any way.  That's why I am absolutely obsessed with entertainment robots like the QRIO and AIBO.  So this area of my site is dedicated to my love of robots!  Below I've included links to the three pages dedicated to robots along with a description of what to expect on each page! 

Click on and enjoy!

My Robots
On this page you'll find all the robots that I either have bought or built! 

Commercially Available Robots
This is my ever expanding list of commercially available entertainment robots.  I'm slowly working on this so it'll be under development for a very long time.  Any help with anything I've forgotten is greatly appreciated!

Useful Circuits and Others

This is my miscellaneous circuit and robotic resource, click on to find a treasure trove of randomness!