Welcome to my homepage!

My name's David but my screen name all over the internet is Nakazoto.  I essentially have two hobbies.  So I figured I would make a webpage dedicated to my two hobbies!  This webpage will most likely be under indefinite development as I slowly update pages and add new pictures, so be sure to check back often for the newest material. 

So what are my two hobbies you ask?  Firstly, I have a deep love for classic Japanese cars of all types and have definitely entrenched myself in that world, so much so in fact that I moved to Japan!  I pretty much live, eat, breath and sleep internal combustion.  It's all I can think about!  Check out the links to the left or below to see just how much of a fanatic I am!

Unfortunately, the Earth does this thing where it wobbles and that gives every country seasons.  One of those seasons is called winter.  Winter and I get along like oil and water and so for a few months out of the year I stay cooped up inside not able to work on my cars.  So naturally, not being able to stifle the desire to tinker, I picked up another indoor hobby!  That would be robotics of course.  I try to collect the affordable commercially available robots and have also tried my hand at building a few of my own.  Check out the links to see what I'm on about!

Here's my ever growing collection of cars!


And here's what I used to own (of which they were either sold or were smashed in the most unpleasant of ways).


Here's my robot resource!

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