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This is how she started.


Nose and other miscellaneous parts off.


The work I did today. I got the fenders off (which was a huge pain in the ass; I'd say about 1 out of every 4 bolts strips or breaks) and got the AC core thing out. The car didn't come factory with AC, it was added by the previous owner, and added rather poorly I might add.


Here's a shot of the rust that has to be fixed, pretty bad, but this is pretty much the worst place on the car. The drivers side looks fine.


Another quick update. Went out today to get the motor pretty close to getting pulled. Only a few more things have to be done and then the transmission can come out followed by the motor. :D

I pulled the AC condenser thing out today; weighed a ton and the fuel pump had to come off to get it out.


Here's another shot of the rust hole under the battery tray. Gonna be a bitch to get that sorted out...


Got the radiator and hoses off today as well as got around to labeling most of the wires to make it easier when I gotta put it all back together.


Side shot, I think it's cool being able to see all the suspension stuff so easily.


Not sure what the L24 is rated at but the number plate on this car says 130 PS at 6,000 RPM. :)


Took the motor and transmission out of the car today. Came out way easier than I ever expected! We pulled the motor with the trans in the car and then lifted the trans out after; without a doubt the lightest transmission I have ever lifted.

Anyways, Pictures!

Had to take the valve cover off so we could hook the chain up through two head bolts.


Front shot with motor still in.


Had to disconnect the exhaust at the header, surprisingly I only broke one bolt.


Motor officially out of the car!


One more shot.


On the stand.


Non Carburetor side.


Transmission out!


Front shot of an empty engine bay.


Shoot on over to Page 2 for more of the build!


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