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A Mitsubishi engineer came over this past weekend to take a look at the car (interestingly enough he showed up in a pristine rotary Mazda Familia, as soon as I get done blanking out his license plates, ie. not lazy, I'll post up pics of that car). He had a book that was a register of old vins and production dates. I managed to snap a picture of the page that had my car on it.

My number is LT23-171517. So I fall right in September, which starts at 170856. Pretty cool book!


After the engineer took off I pulled out the grinder and got to work. It should be noted my goal was not remove all the paint but rather to remove areas that had surface rust only. However, as you can see, a lot of paint died in the process. It's looking pretty good and most of the surface rust just came right out leaving good clean metal behind.

Only got about half done.


The metal is lumpy as hell. Forty years of luggage bouncing off that trunk area has put some serious dings in it. I'm not gonna go through the trouble of trying to bring that back to straight. I'm only looking for a clean paint job. Besides, I think it would lose a little of its character if I replace all that history with clean new metal.


No flash.


With flash.




If it starts to warm up a bit this week maybe I'll head out after work and get a little more done.
At any rate, thanks for all the inspiration guys! Hopefully she'll have fresh paint on her within a month or two!

Got a little more work done today. Mostly just aiming for rust and cleaning up paint so the new stuff has a clean surface to adhere to.

Go the bulk of the rust off of the other half off the luggage area.



Cleaned the paint at the front of the luggage area.


Busted out the wire wheel for a bit.


Wow, I'm a circus bear! That seriously is one small car, haha.


Taking surface rust off the bit below the side glass.




That's all for now! I cannot wait until this thing has a fresh coat of paint on it, so excited.

My parents flew over to visit me so as you can imagine I've been pretty busy running around seeing the sights with them. Yesterday, however, my father decided it might be fun to work on the Mitsubishi a bit, so we got downstairs, turned some "Rodrigo y Gabriela" on and got to work!

Door trim mounted to rocker panel trim stuff (not a clue what the real name for this stuff is, haha).


Exhaust manifold off.


Shift linkage pulled out.


Clutch linkage. This is all there is, no hydraulic clutch, just this adjustable piece between the pedal and the throwout arm that pushes on the the throwout bearing.


This is where the two oil injection lines come into the motor, just under the exhaust manifold. The line runs from the oil tank to the back of the transmission where the oil pump is mounted and then back to the engine. Pretty crazy!


And, engine out! Was so light we just lifted it out. I moved it around my garage by just picking it up, haha. Looked in through the exhaust ports at the rings and they looked pretty good, so I don't think I'm going to tear it down.



That is one small clutch, haha!


Empty engine bay and tiny transmission. Think I'm going to leave the transmission in since it's mounted really pretty well and a lot of linkage is connected from it to rotation points on the body.


Expansion pipe out. On the left is the inlet for the heater air. It passes around the expansion pipe and exists on the right.


The top pipe in the picture is the exhaust inlet from the exhaust manifold, the middle is the exit for the heater air and the bottom one is the exhaust outlet and bolts up to the exhaust pipe.


With no engine in it the car is pretty light, haha!


Got my wiper and choke controls out.


Got the parcel tray thing, antenna and side vents out.


Pulled the gauge cluster out. This thing is seriously cool and extremely simple!



The bit of the dash that has to be painted with the rest of the interior.


That's all for now! Will keep the updates rolling in! 

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