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Alright, I had an interesting weekend, haha!
The mismatched color and all in all shabby job by the previous paint shop was really starting to get on my nerves, so after some talks with the Shacho of Classic Car Nagoya we decided they would paint the car for cheap if I did all the prep work at their shop. This sounds like a hell of deal to me cause I get to hang out with these guys and tons of classic cars all day!

So this weekend I got a temp tag (the license plates with red stripes through them) and drove the car on down to their shop. They gave me a little corner (next to a 4 door hako, haha) and I went to work with the dismantling!


It pains me to see this car come apart, but I know the end result will be well worth it!


The company my little Mitsubishi is keeping, hehe.


Front fenders and trim stuffs are off... again.


It was time to get to work on cleaning up the backs of the trim pieces. The previous paint shop just cleaned up the parts you could see, so all the back side of almost everything was still all dirty and rusty.


This was my weapon of choice!


And this type of rust was my target!


Looking much better.


Then I painted on some rust stopping stuff over everything I blasted. Should neutralize any remaining rust.



My sand blasting/rust stop paint work area. Not a bad place to be at all, haha!



All parts painted up with the rust stuff.


Then, while I was back at the car taking more parts off the Shacho sprayed on a coat of primer.


I continued my dismantling spree quite far down!


And how she sat at the end of the day today.


These guys are single handedly the nicest and most likable group of guys I've been around since I got here. Most car shops in Japan are in the business to make money but these guys are in it for the cars themselves, and it really shows!

Can't wait until next weekend when I get back out there and start fixing the paint the right way!

Thank you guys so much!
Nothing much to worry about here in Nagoya though. We got shook up but no real damage (didn't even knock over the empty beer bottles on my desk, haha). It looks absolutely devastating north of Tokyo. So surreal because I vividly remember driving through Sendai when I was moving from Hokkaido to here. Still have some friends in Northern Hokkaido I haven't been able to contact, cell towers must still be out.

To take my mind of the destruction I went back up to Classic Car Nagoya to cause some destruction of my own. All it did was make me furious at the previous paint shop though, haha.

I got to work with an air powered sander, grinder and a hand held mini belt sander. The rust existing on the car was astounding! I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Here's the passenger side rear fender where it contacts the rocker (sorry for the change in pic quality, my camera battery was dead, so these are all cell phone pics).


More of the passenger rear fender. They didn't take any rust off at all, they just but bondo over the holes and sprayed paint on top! Unbelievable!


Starting in the lower trunk area.



Driver side rear fender where it contacts the rocker. Massive hole.


This is the part that really makes me not happy. This is a pretty structural section so I explicitly asked the old paint shop on several occasions to cut out the bad spot and weld in new steel. They assured me they would do just that. All they did was plaster fiberglass over the rust and then sprayed paint on top of it.



I also started gleaning up the rain gully on the top.


Starting to look pretty good.


Started in on sanding the paint down to smooth as well to provide a clean base for the new primer.



Moral of the story? Don't ever go to Auto Produce Selection in Nagakute, haha! Part of me is really upset at the job they did and another part of me is really happy because now I have the chance to learn first hand how to do it the right way. The knowledge is indispensable and well worth the lost money!

My heart goes out to those up north and I pray for the safe return of those still in trouble. This truly is a catastrophe of epic proportions and the face of northern Japan will forever be changed. Having said that, Japan is the most earthquake ready nation in the world and the people here, native and foreigners alike, will not let any earthquake or tsunami bring us to our knees, no matter how big. We will pick ourselves up and we will rebuild!

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