Frank Hargrove started karate with his teacher Nakazato, Shugoro 8th Dan Kyoshi
Hargrove as a 19 year old living and training 4 hours six days a week in Okinawa with Nakazato Shugoro with the goal of become a full time Karate-Do teacher in the United States.
The above photo was taken on a return trip to Okinawa as head of the United States Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Association. This was after he returned to Okinawa for full time teacher training in 1968 to 1973

   Under Nakazato Shugoro instruction never stops here getting a semi-private lesson in Canada.

Rank Order of Shorinkan Association President Nakazato, Vice President , Chairman of Directors, Gibu Sokuichi, Ahagonon Naonobu and Frank Hargrove.
 Frank Hargrove rose from a white belt to number three position in rank seniority, the VP & chairman is his kohai. 
The order was the Gibu-Ahagon-Hargrove.
The VP passed prematurely.  Then Gibu and Ahagon left to start their own associations 
thus leaving Hargrove as the ranking Deshi, and Dai-sempai in Nakazato's Association.
At the time of this drawing Hargrove is the Dai-Sempai of Nakazato's association.