Here are the top five senior students of Nakazato Shugoro.
 This photo is the last photo of a taikai with all of Nakazato's seniors students present. It shows the seniority order of the Shorinkan Association President, Vice President, Rigicho Yonamine, (space) where Gibu sempai speaking on the mike at the right stands, Ahagoon sempai and me, Frank Hargrove. Standing to my left is Sakihara who is my kohai. So I was fifth in the chain of command of the Association and third in seniority of rank for both the vice-president and rigicho are my kohai.

  Today the VP passed away, Yonamine joined the zen temple and Gibu has passed away so Ahagoon sempai and I are left standing. That's simple math. I am second to Ahagoon sempai.

Frank Hargrove being honored for his development of 
Okinawan Karate-Do Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Association in North America

Hargrove takes USA National Shorin-ryu Team to compete in the All Okinawan Karate-Do
 Championship here we are at the Tea House of the August Moon with Nakazato Sensei and the Shorinkan Board of Directors having a dancing good time. 

Team Members Cheech Luzzi, Coy D. Williamson and  Arnold Mitchell
This team so impressed the Okinawan Association given the event that the next year Arnold Mitchell was featured kicking a competitor to the head on the tournament poster and Cheech Luzzi was featured doing a jump kick on the tickets for the event.

This is the ultimate drawing of a student and his teacher.