The second Matsuo confectionery generation president's [yorokosen] Matsuo designs the Tyrol chocolate. The name of "Tyrol" aims at a fresh image by the one caught from Tyrol in Austria that visited when Matsuo makes the chocolate. The rose sales of the caramel are started from the desire that it wants also to make children that Matsuo is poor eat the cake, and this becomes a big hit. It thought a high-level chocolate was sold to the foothold at that time by the price that children were able to buy by thinking about this. Therefore, the raw material cost put nougat in the chocolate to cost 15 yen or more, it brought down costs when everything was made a chocolate, and the Tyrol chocolate that was able to be sold for ten yen was completed though the sale price had been decided ten yen before it made it. It was the one that three mountains were connected by originator Tyrol chocolate from which this had been put on the market in 1962. The ratio of nougat is adjusted within the range where the chocolate on the standard can be called (standard of chocolate # chocolate).

However, sales decrease sharply as a result of raising the price with 20 yen and 30 yen because the cost rose by oil crisis. Therefore, three one in the mountain mountain chocolates were divided into a near small size at the minute, and 30 yen a piece was renewed to sales of ten yen a piece in 1979. It became a boom again by the catchphrase "It is a Tyrol chocolate when there were ten yen". The one of ten yen is sold as usual small in the papa-mama shop etc. where the bar code management is unnecessary though a little large one of 20 yen is sold in the convenience store etc. because the size of the chocolate was enlarged from the necessity for displaying the bar code on the wrapping paper. The concept of Tyrol calculation that made value comprehensible was produced with the replacement of the big one of the price in the 1980's with the Tyrol chocolate by pronoun existence of ten yen commodity among children. (example: Tyrol chocolate of personal computer →20,000 piece of 200,000 yen)

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