nakamir's mixtapes

So this girl where I work hears great great music and makes great mixtapes. I make some mixtapes too and we change them between us. Than she starts putting them up on icast with cool links to description pages on google. She can listen wherever she is, I can listen without burning CD's and other people actually find out about her mixtapes and listen too. She doesn't even know some of them! Cool! I like, I copy... 


I'm glad that I still like all of these mixtapes except half of one of them. they come in long long mp3 files 'cause that's what icast allows. If you want more music and less chatter go here

  1. presence - I like the Idea of creating a mixtape around a not-so-clearly-defined-theme/mood. It gives me the freedom I need but keeps the mixtape consistent. This is one of the most original themes I've come up with yet.
  2.  Tired Eyes - I made this mixtape while feeling down and tired for so long I was suspecting something's really wrong with me. Maybe something was, I don't know.
  3.  fun fun fun - My first shot at upbeat happy mixtapes
  4. all out - My second shot at upbeat happy mixtapes. I really don't like the way the first half came out (II to VI) but the rest is pretty fine.
  5. insomniac dreams - A mixtape created for the first mixtape switching project of the Blind Janitor. It's about different kinds of dreams. I really really love it.
  6. crystal clear cuts - If I had to choose 3 of my favorite mixtapes this will always be one of them (together with the last one I created and another changing one). The theme here is sad songs, but ones that are subtle, not so in your face like in tired eyes.
  7. ticktock - A mixtape themed around undignified/slightly evil  songs. Created for the second mixtape switching project of the Blind Janitor.
  8. Something Against You - A mixtape made to show my all out angry industrial noise and dark ambient aspects. I couldn't fit the dark ambient aspect in so I let it drop. Still, it was one of the hardest mixtapes to compile. I still put it on when I feel like I need to shake away the cobwebs of routine and old mental age and I don't have any of my latest purchases from that field around.
  9. Lively Musings - Just floating around at the first part, being more specific on the second. It's loosely themed and yet came out very fluent and pleasant to listen to. Funny how things come out sometimes.
  10. Everything Keeps Dissolving - This one started out as a dark ambient / dark 80's mixtape but turned out to be a dark all around mixtape.
  11. I Ain't Your Brother, I'm Heavy - A drone metal mixtape. The only mixtape that was made only because of the great title I came up with. Funny thing is that this is the most listened to mixtape in the lot. It has popular tags, I guess.
  12. Night Scenes - The name speaks for itself, me thinks.
  13. פשוט רגיש מידי - An almost all Israeli mixtape, that's why the description is in Hebrew. Beautiful songs, most of them pretty new, most of them sad and or sensitive.
  14. Floating Spaces, Eerie Places - Kind of an "Everything Keeps Dissolving part 2". More dark ambient but only one 80's song this time.
  15. live it up - Live songs only. I usually look for wild and energetic live shows more than quiet ones, but there are always exceptions.
  16. so sad about us - My great breakup mixtape. I have been thinking about making one for years, almost since high school. No current break up has occured, but still, I remember the feeling...
  17. I Have Moved Into the Margins - Songs about lonely people, different people, castaways by choice or by faith. Because I changed the uploading method  this mixtape is always last on the icast list, and I forgot to link it here at first, so it does have a tendency to move into the margins...
  18. Carefully Looking Outside - My first (and probably final) shot at (sections of) "World Music".
  19. Dancefloor Dreams and Reality Collide - This one is hosted at the respectable residence of Frank Zaatar!
  20. What Abuse Does - Here's a sad one
  21. Brain Modulators - Songs that make the world seem different for a while
  22. beautiful Sadness - It's so rare that a mixtape just pops up, brews for a 10 days and voilà. Enjoy.
  23. Take Your Time - Songs about time and songs that take time.
  24. Dramatic - Nothing better than a good story.
  25. Heartfelt - Songs (that I feel/know are) from the heart to the (at least my) heart
  26. Start Fixing Myself and Make a Little Noise - huurah!
  27. my voyages of late - A cool (as in weather, not as in be cool man), dark mixtape
  28. Music to Remind Me of Gadi B.
  29. Sad I Am - A slow Mixtape of mainly sad songs. Some with a dramatic pathos, some not.
  30. Don't Blink - Classic Edition - No Time, quickly, quickly, quickly, get on with it.
  31. Don't Blink - Night Scented Stock Edition