I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Computational Sciences at Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS). I earned my Ph. D. in Mathematics in 2014 from Seoul National University, under the supervision of Young-Hoon Kiem.

My research interests broadly lie at the interplay between algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and quantum information theory; recently, I am interested in the space of pure qubit states from the perspective of the theory of tensors and moduli of quiver representations in algebraic geometry, and matroids as the combinatorial objects interacting with algebraic geometry and quantum information theory.

Here is my CV.

  • On a phase transition of the random intersection graph: Supercritical region, jointly with Jeong Han Kim and Sang June Lee, accepted in Random Structures & Algorithmpdf
  • Product vectors in the ranges of multi-partite states with positive partial transposes and permanents of matrices, jointly with Young-Hoon Kiem and Seung-Hyeok Kye, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol. 338, Issue 2, 621 639, September 2015. pdf
  • The number of product vectors and their partial conjugates in a pair of spaces, preprint. pdf
  • Separability of Quantum States via Algebraic Geometry, Ph.D. thesis, 2014.

Contact Information
1534, KIAS building
School of Computational Sciences
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
85 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu
Seoul 02455
Republic of Korea
Email: jhna (at) kias.re.kr     or     najoohan (at) gmail.com