Kibera Social Circus

We have changed our name to more accurately reflect our identity and the people that we serve. The former Nairobi Social Circus will be now known as the Kibera Social Circus. 

Our neighborhood 

Kibera is the neighborhood of Nairobi where we are located. Conditions in Kibera are extremely poor. Most of its residents lack access to basic services, including electricity and running water. The lack of sanitation combined with poor nutrition among residents accounts for many illnesses and diseases. Formal education centers do not exist. 

Our mission

The mission of Kibera Social Circus is to educate disadvantaged kids and assist them in discovering the talents with which they are blessed. We teach kids from low income backgrounds who have never been to a formal school how to read and write. 

Our main aim is education. But, we initially attract these children by giving them the chance to learn circus skills. In learning these physical skills, the children gain self-esteem and confidence while having fun. By establishing this connection and trust, we are then in a good position to teach them the literacy and math that can change their lives.

Our staff

To carry out this energetic approach, the Circus is staffed with teachers that are young, intelligent, talented, and above all, dedicated. What they do is from the bottom of their hearts. They view their students as their own brothers and sisters. And so, the Circus is like a home for many of these kids. Because the students are more comfortable with their teachers than in a formal school setting, they are more likely to feel free to ask questions when they don’t understand a lesson.   

Our results

Slowly students find out that they can do what they initially thought was hard. And slowly, this repeated experience leads them to realize they are capable of achieving their goals if they are determined. 

This gain in confidence is dramatically visible in their posture. When they begin, many talk timidly with their head down. After a while, with encouragement and the experience of success, they stand upright and proud. The Kibera Social Circus truly creates change by helping kids have the confidence to face life. 

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