Birankai Kenya

It is with great sadness that I inform you that our teacher and founder of Birankai has passed away on June 5th 2015.
During his 50 years of training and teaching he affected countless generation of students.
I feel very privileged to have been exposed to his teachings and his spirit. 

Aikido was first (as to the best of my knowledge) introduced to Kenya on October 16th 2009. I had the privilege to be the first ever and (by the time) only Aikido teacher in Kenya. As a branch of Birankai Poland we follow Birankai Aikido system as taught by T.K. Chiba sensei.

We had many seminars with my friend and teacher Piotr Masztalerz shidoin from Poland. He was kind enough to grace us with his frequent visits to Kenya.

We actively participated in an uchi-deshi program. Two of my students stayed for several months in our home dojo in Wrocław, Poland. This traditional teaching method exposes students to extremely intense teacher-student relationship. Very rigorous training during this program allows for deeper understanding of technical and mental aspects of Aikido and martial spirit.

Blog with general buzz for Nairobi Aikikai group is here. My personal web blog is here.

As I returned back to Poland, in July 2012, now it is up to my students to carry the torch.

You can see a demo I did at Japanese embassy in February 2012. And yes, shihonage sucks when you have long hair... Video made by one of the students. Thanks!

And some photos of those glorious days.

Our generic poster:

December 2011 seminar poster:

December 2011 seminar

May 2011 seminar

December 2010 seminar

Demonstration at Japanese Embassy, May 2011
Shiho-nage ura-waza. Uke: Daniel Areba

Same place, same time
Nikkyo ura-waza, uke: Dedy Sutanto

Random Goan Gymkhana class, November 2011
Uke: Daniel Areba.

Demonstration at Japanese Embassy, February 2012.
Tanto-dori kote-gaeshi. Uke: Daniel Areba

Same place, same time, same uke. Kokyu-nage

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