2019 Nairobi Workshop in Algebraic Geometry

Dates: 2-11 September 2019

Location: School of Mathematics, Chiromo Campus, University of Nairobi

Jared Ongaro, University of Nairobi
Balazs Szendroi, University of Oxford

Main speakers
             Dominic Joyce FRS, University of Oxford
             Miles Reid FRS, University of Warwick

The workshop will consist of lecture courses given by Prof Joyce and Prof Reid, accompanied by examples classes lead by doctoral students, and some research talks.

Please email Balazs Szendroi on szendroi[at]maths.ox.ac.uk if you are interested in participating. 

Algebraic geometry workshops were also held in Nairobi in August 2015,  August 2016, June 2017 and August 2018.