Second Day!

posted Oct 20, 2009, 10:03 PM by Naira Strickland
Ok, so I did my second workshop last night!

First, he set up one of his tattoo guns and all the stuff you need to do a tattoo. So I had my pigskin there on a stool, and a tea towel on my knee so I don't get ink on my pants.
I needed to spray water mixed with dishwashing liquid onto the skin where the stencil was going to go.
I then sat the stencil in place, and pressed reaaally hard with my whole palm to make sure it stuck, then peeled off the stencil and there it was, in purple, on the pigskin ready for me to trace!! (I can of course just draw something on with a pen, but stencil is a bit easier and you can make heaps of copies)
But first I had to scrape some vaseline across the stencil, as it helps when wiping the ink away.
So then I dipped my gun into the ink, ran it a little, (think of a sewing machine, it's the EXACT same thing. Foot pedal that makes the needle go up and down really fast, only it's not injecting thread into material, it's injecting ink into skin instead) and then began tattooing the outline!
It's really goddamn hard because ink goes EVERYWHERE when you're trying to do it, and then it's hard to see where you're going T_T Gotta keep a tissue on hand to constantly wipe away! I had to clean and scrub it a few times to get back on track cause too much ink was brushed all over the place.

So after I'd finished doing the lines, I switched guns to one to do coloring and shading. The ink was a little bit watered down so that instead of flat black, it was a very dark grey.
I started with the tribal, which is meant to be a flat clean black color.

Here is the tattoo:

Not sure if you can see, but the bottom half is a bit darker then the top half of the tribal part. See, I was pushing the needle in too deep. Apparently, it's just like a pencil. You only use the tip of it. So the top half is lighter because I was going lighter and you've gotta try and do small circles and it's so hard to see with ink smudging all over it >_< So the top half isn't quite colored in properly because of that. But hey, trial and error.

Then the shading on the rose! >_< Shading is so weird o_o You've gotta like, flick the needles across the skin o_O like, in strokes. And it's gotta be going upwards, you can't stroke downwards cause of how the needles are aligned.

The ink side of things was very different to what I expected, see I thought that there's like a place for ink IN the gun and it feeds through, but actually it's just like calligraphy pens with the nibs, and you dip it in the ink and it lasts for y'know 10-30 seconds and then when you start running out you dip it back in the ink.

I later on learned how to put the needle and the holder (the part you hold like a pencil) on the gun correctly. It's...weird. Pencils are so light, guns are not. But it was both easier and harder than I expected @_@ It was easier to hold and do the lines and color in the tribal part than I expected, but the shading? A lot more difficult than I realised. (I had NO IDEA how the shading was done, that part totally stumped me and it was harder than I realised)

And that was my second workshop!! Next week I'll possibly do another tattoo, and I'll learn how to use the stencil-making machine!

Get excited, furries, because once I get paid next week I can buy some ink and other materials I need to practice, get some pigskin from the butcher, and I can practice at home all I want!! So there'll certainly be some anthro, animal and dragon practice tattoos coming!!!