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Naimah Fuller is a Media Artist, and Independent Filmmaker who wears many hats, including producer, director, writer, and cinematographer.  She was born in a small rural town in Georgia.  Her fascination with all things cinematic comes natural; her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all photographers. 

Naimah's parents moved from the south to the Motor City where Naimah attended public school, and later  attended Arts & Crafts Institute where she majored in commercial photography.  After art school, Naimah moved to New York City where she began studying film-making at the Studio Museum in Harlem.  However, the trajectory of Naimah's career shifted when she enrolled in the Third World Cinema Apprenticeship Program where she began training as a professional motion picture script supervisor for  local 161.  This was the beginning of Naimah's career  for a profession in the motion picture industry. 

"It was under the watchful eye of my mentor GORDON PARKS, that I developed my craft as a professional in the motion picture industry, working on movie sets of major studios, including Universal Pictures, United Artists, and Paramount Pictures.  Gordon's kindness and generosity made my entrance into the world of cinema feel like it was the place where I belonged.  From the moment my feet first landed on a movie set, I knew I was home.  I loved the collaborative creative process, which is what making movies is all about.  In my role as script supervisor, I learned everything about the logistics of motion picture production."

After three years of moving from production to production, working on movie sets, Naimah was offered an opportunity to began a more stable career path at WABC-TV Eye Witness News in New York City, where she  began her career in broadcast journalism.  Her seven years as a producer-writer at WABC-TV, producing and writing mini-documentaries, and news and information shows on WABC's LIKE IT IS, the culmination of all these experiences prepared Naimah for her career as an independent filmmaker. "I have had such an incredible career journey in motion picture production, and in broadcast journalism.  Both these experiences have prepared me for my journey in independent film-making.  Now to be able to continue the journey into the Digital era is the icing on the cake."


The Documentary Movie

Art so often imitates life, and Naimah's life is an example of that.  Her parents were among those who left the south to go north.  Naimah was raised between two of the great industrial cities of that era, Detroit and Cleveland.  "I never imagined that I would one day be doing a documentary on the reversal of that trend, of African Americans returning to the south en masse.  That is the subject of my forthcoming documentary movie HOME, chronicles the mass migration of African Americans relocating to the southern regions of the country. in the 21st century. 

"Five years, 200 hours of digital content, and countless land and sky miles later, I am finally at the finish line.  During the production of the project, I returned to Detroit and Cleveland where I saw with my own eyes what tan up close look at the deindustrialisation of America really looked like.   It was heartbreaking in Detroit in particular, because this was the city of my youth.  It was the place that nurtured and shaped my artistic aspirations.   This is part of the story of this New Great Migration in the 21st century, which I hope I have done justice too, telling this story in my  soon to be release ddocumentary movie, featuring Dr. Maya Angelou and Morgan Freeman." 

Naimah  wore several hats, including producer, director, researcher, writer, cinematographer, and finally editor.  "The question I set out to answer in this documentary was why were African Americans moving en masse to the South? What began as a curiosity soon became a calling, an ancestral calling to identify those descendants who were coming back HOME, fulfilling the dreams of those who fought and died for the freedom and equality in the south."

Naimah acknowledges her great-grandmothers Daisey Lawson and Emma Phillips, who were born during the era of the Jim Crow South.  Naimah credits her great-grandmother's for the wisdom they imparted to her, encouraging her to be the best human being she could be regardless of the challenges she faced, and to do her best at whatever endeavors she chose in life.   Naimah has dedicated this project to her ancestors, whose spiritual energy supplied her twith he inspiration to stay on the path to complete this project.  "I pray that I will make them proud!"

Naimah is also editing the manuscript of her first novel THE POT CALLED HOME.   "I began writing as young girl when my mother was hospitalized for an extended period of time, and our only form of communication was exchanging letters.  That was the beginning of my love for words.  Most of my writing experiences have been associated with my film and television career.  There's nothing more inspiring than giving birth to a new creative idea, whether it be the development of a documentary film, or diving into writing a novel... I love the creative process.

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