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Worship on Wheels - Sunday July 2nd 2017

Building on the success of last year, a second Worship on Wheels service was held at Nailsea Methodist Church on Sunday.
As before, it was a café style service enabling scooter and wheelchair users to bring their wheels to the tables and be fully involved in the worship.
Alison Morgan interviewed her fellow Access For All campaigner, Steve Ledbrook, of Backwell, who has Becker Muscular Dystrophy. 
Steve inspired everyone with his positive ‘can do’ approach to life.

He is a volunteer with Sunshine Radio at Weston Hospital.

He gave a glimpse of some of his whacky fundraising antics for Muscular Dystrophy UK, including climbing across the top of the O2 Arena in London in his wheelchair, sitting in a pod on the Weston Wheel for 30 hours and going down the longest zip wire in Europe! 
Steve told of his campaign work with Trailblazers, a group of disabled campaigners, part of Muscular Dystrophy UK, who tackle issues affecting young disabled people.

Trailblazers aim to fight social injustices and ensure people can gain access to higher education, employment and social and leisure opportunities 
As well as all the above, Steve is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Young Disabled People and Muscular Dystrophy UK, First Bus Passenger Forum, and North Somerset Council’s Disability Access Group.

He is encouraged by seeing positive outcomes from campaigns and is hopeful that his dream of a totally accessible public transport network will one day become a reality. 
The Rev Deborah Mallett reflected on Jesus’ promise of inclusion and liberation for all, set out in Luke 4 16-21.

Jesus gave his time, attention and priority to people who others side-lined.

He taught his followers to do the same.

Deborah noted that the motto of the Paralympic movement is ‘Spirit in Motion’ and suggested this should be a motto for all. 

Talented musicians added to the welcoming warmth of the service, accompanying the hymns and finishing with a super rendition of ‘Wheels Cha Cha’.

The fellowship continued with tea and fabulous homemade cakes.  

No one was in a hurry to leave.

 Alison Morgan July 2017