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Fundraising Bike Rides

Peter Todd Rwanda 2017
Peter was in Rwanda in early February riding with a group to raise funds for Tearfund projects. Tearfund was the underpinning charity that enabled the Nailsea Uganda Water Project to work so well. Peter has raised over £1472 which includes the £204 generously given as a result of his talk on the 16th March. The whole group has now reached £44,456 towards its target of £50,000 for the continued work in Rwanda. Rwanda’s GDP per Capita is $693 ours in the UK is $41,500. Its poverty level is 39.1% of its population of 12 million. That means 4,692,000 people! The money raised will help to reach more people using the tried and tested methods that Tearfund and its partners use to enable people to help themselves to get out of the cycle of poverty.
If you missed Peter's talk his journal is being serialised in the monthly magazine which you can read here:- 

and it is not too late to contribute - Peter's fundraising page is here

Peter Todd & Richard Lancaster - Coast to Coast 2015
The Nailsea Uganda Water Project is being supported by all the churches and many other community groups to install Rainwater Harvesting systems to provide clean water to six rural and remote communities in SW Uganda - the three-year project is nearing completion and as a final push to try and reach the final-year target of £60k Richard Lancaster undertook a sponsored bike ride from Whitehaven to Tynemouth over the August 2015 Bank-Holiday weekend.
The ride had been conceived by Peter Todd but the day before Peter had to pull out of the ride due to a family bereavement so Richard ended up doing the ride on my his own whilst Peter did the ride a couple of weeks later.  Here are Richard's words:- 

"The first day was challenging and I covered about 59 miles from Whitehaven to Penrith.  The second day was really tough with some big climbs on the 55 mile ride from Penrith to Parkhead Station on Stanhope Moor (it turns out the Pennines are a load of big hills – who knew?).  The final day came as a pleasant change with quite a lot downhill as I covered about 40 miles to complete the ride via Newcastle to Tynemouth. The total distance was around 154 miles and so far I have raised £1,083 with some more sponsorship yet to be collected.
Here are a few photos of the ride – clockwise from top left:- (1) at the C2C start in Whitehaven harbour dipping my wheels in the Irish Sea, (2) going through the lakes on day one, (3) at the bottom and then (4) the top of Hartside Pass one of the biggest climbs on day two, (5) day three nearing the end on the riverbank in Newcastle and finally (6) with Rose (who met me at the end of each day’s ride) on the beach at Tynemouth after finishing the ride and performing the traditional dipping of the bike wheels in the North Sea – and in case you are wondering the strange bulge on my stomach is the map I was using – it was the easiest place to carry it!"

Peter Todd & Richard Lancaster - Water to Water 2014

Our first fundraising ride for the Nailsea Uganda Water Project was in 2014 when Peter & Richard rode from - Nailsea to Taunton, Plymouth to Ilfracombe, back to Barnstaple (cos there was no room on the ferry) and then Bristol to Nailsea - 184.6 miles in 3 days - phew!