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Traidcraft is the UK’s largest fair trade organisation, which was set up in 1979 to challenge the unfair way in which international trading systems are usually structured. Small businesses in ‘third world’ countries face many disadvantages in trade. These include:

lack of money
unpredictable world prices and demands for their products
tariffs and quotas, which limit how many of their products other countries can buy
a lack of knowledge about how trading systems operate

This can make it difficult for them to compete on world markets and to earn enough money to pay for adequate food, shelter, health care and education.

Traidcraft operates on the principle that by paying a fair price for the products we buy, and establishing long term relationships of partnership and co-operation, we can help poor communities to work their way out of poverty and create a more equitable world. Most of Traidcraft’s trading partners are community-based enterprises and associations of small holder farmers organised for the benefit of their producers and growers. Traidcraft can give producers access to credit which allows them to buy the raw materials they need. We also support training programmes which develop the skills and knowledge of our producers. Traidcraft is a Christian initiative which welcomes co-operation with all who share a concern for fairer trade.

Traidcraft’s approach to trading means that, wherever possible, our products come from groups which:

are organised primarily for the benefit of their members and the community
pay fair wages and provide working conditions that are better than average for the locality
encourage and enable workers’ participation in ownership and decision making.

Fair trade makes a real difference to the lives of the producers we work with. Improvements in health care, housing and education, along with safer water supplies and a better diet, are among the tangible benefits that fair trade can bring.

Nailsea Methodist Church sells a small range of fair trade products, including crafts, fashions, foods, beverages, paper and cards. If you would like to know more you can contact Richard & Rose Lancaster on 01275 790538


To find out more about Traidcraft you can visit their website at