Records of a Nailsea Hockey Club go back as far as 1907 when it was one of a mix of activities including a choral society for both men and ladies.

Some ladies broke away to form a specific hockey club in 1924 and has club has been in existence ever since.

Many local names, still recognisable in Nailsea today, were involved in these early years. Names like: Rich, Shepstone, Brake, Baker and Alvis.

Miss K Rich was the Captain and led the ladies out for their first match on 6th December 1924 and Mary Shepstone, who went on to become treasurer of the club, appears in the records over several years.

The first subs were 5s (25p in ‘new money’) and a hockey ball was purchased for 11s 3d.

Taxis were first used to travel to away matches but by 1927 the ladies were using Cutler buses, owned by Adge Cutler’s father, at a cost of £27 for the season.

Matches were played near Station Road and Scotch Horn until 1930 when the club moved to Wyatt’s field; where they played free of charge.

In the early 1970’s the club moved to The Grove and played there until the league deemed all 1st team matches had to be played on artificial surfaces. Up to this point matches were played on a variety of surfaces and differed from week-to-week. There were the manicured grass pitches of BAC and Imperial, the redgra (gravely) pitch of Churchill, the rubber at Yate and the sheep’s field at Wick where, after first removing the sheep, the greatest skill required was to stay on your feet as you really did not want to fall!

After several years playing at Clevedon School the club moved back to Nailsea in 2010 following the rebuilding of Nailsea School which included an artificial pitch.

The subs are a little more that 25p now, there is still a Brake playing and our sponsor is Toby Baker of ‘Bakers the Butchers’.