After the success of the first tournament(athletically, not fiscally. The tournament would be subsidized for several more years), the NSCBA expanded it's field to 32 teams. With a bigger field, the format was revised as well. The first round would be played over two days, followed four more days of knockout action. It is essentially the format the organization has used for basketball tournaments to this day. The tournament name was also changed to the National Collegiate Invitational Tournament(Not to be confused with the National Invitation Tournament, which was first held this year in New York).

18 states were represented at the tournament, an improvement on last year's tally of five. To increase interest, two teams from the Missouri Valley Conference, Drake and Washburn, were recruited to participate, While the Ichabods finished in the middle of the pack, the Bulldogs finished second to Oklahoma A&M in the conference standings.

Dates: March 7-12
Held at Municipal Auditorium; Kansas City, MO

First Round(March 7-8):
Marshall(WV) 67, Peru State(NE) 60
Washburn(KS) 37, Winona State(MN) 36
Jordan(MI) 32, Ottawa(KS) 31
Simpson(IA) 2, Western Kentucky 0(forfeit, only one in national tournament history. WKU did not make it to Kansas City.)
Delta State(MS) 52, Drury(MO) 51
North Texas State 31, Morningside 29
Valparaiso(IN) 57, Oregon Normal 29
Central Missouri State 36, Dakota Wesleyan 33
Roanoke(VA) 45, Nebraska Wesleyan 20
West Texas State 35, Westminster(MO) 34
St. Ambrose(IA) 50, Kansas Wesleyan 35
Central State(OK) 43, Arkansas State Teachers 34
Idaho State 41, Manchester(IN) 38
New Mexico State A&M 53, McPherson(KS) 37
Northwest Missouri State 39, Sioux Falls(SD) 27
Murray State(KY) 47, Drake(IA) 40
Second Round(March 9th):
Washburn 53, Marshall 51
Jordan 31, Simpson(IA) 29
Delta State 48, North Texas State 39
Central Missouri State 44, Valparaiso 24
Roanoke 38, West Texas State 34
St. Ambrose 38, Central State(OK) 36
New Mexico State A&M 56, Idaho State 40
Murray State 38, Northwest Missouri State 30
Quarterfinals(March 10th):
Washburn 44, Jordan 21
Central Missouri State 48, Delta State 35
Roanoke 46, St. Ambrose 43
Murray State 30, New Mexico State A&M 29
Semifinals(March 11th):
Central Missouri State 44, Washburn 24
Roanoke 35, Murray State 29
Third Place Game(March 12th): 
Murray State 33, Washburn 24
Championship(March 12th):
Central Missouri State 45, Roanoke 30

1st Appearances: Central State(OK), Delta State, Drake, Drury, Idaho State, Jordan, Kansas Wesleyan, Manchester, Marshall, McPherson, Murray State, Nebraska Wesleyan, New Mexico State A&M, North Texas State, Northwest Missouri State, Oregon Normal, Ottawa, Peru State, Roanoke, St. Ambrose, Simpson(IA), Sioux Falls, Valparaiso, Washburn, West Texas State, Western Kentucky, Westminster(MO), Winona State
Last Appearances: Drake, Idaho State, McPherson, Roanoke, Western Kentucky